My attempt at a Cars Trailer

Hi all,

Well, I thought I would attempt a Cars Trailer of my own.
I tried to make it spooky sounding, I kind of got it right, but kind of got it wrong too, lol.
It’s very anti-Chick so, I will now run and hide from the Chick Fans of this board!


This is a really good trailer. I liked it but I think you should’ve included the residants of Radiator Springs.

Hey my good firend Dan. That was a really nice trailer you made. I enjoyed watching it. Kinda got me wanting to watch Cars again.

Not bad. I liked the music. That certainly presents the movie in different way. Makes it seem like a horror film or something. I kinda think some of the other characters should have been in there too though. I also liked the font style you used for all the words. Made it seem more spooky.

Thanks for the comments!

I’ll be ohnest with you, I completely forgot about adding other characters to the video :blush:
Looking at it, I’m not sure if they would fit in the video so to speak, but I may be wrong?
I may have another crack at it sometime.

I have other video’s planned at the moment!:

Incredibles MV 4 (in development!)
Incredibles MV 5,
Cars MV 3 (in development)
Cars MV 4 (maybe!)

More to come sometime! :smiley:


Oh dude, I can’t wait to see them. You have got me really excited, especially with the TI MVs.

Whoops I got this wrong, the set up is:

Incredibles MV 3 Bob and Helen (on hold)
Incredibles MV 4 (in development)
Incredibles MV 5, (will be my final Incredibles video…for now!)

Cars MV 2 Sally & Lightning 2 (in development)
Cars MV 3 (in development)
Cars MV 4 (maybe)

Are you going to release them in that order?

Too be ohnest I’m not sure.
I’m kind of doing them all at once, so they will just appear in any order.


Well, you just do what you do. Whatever you release first will be amazing, like every other ones you made and will make.

Funny stuff, Dan. :laughing: