My LEGO replica of Carl's house! If it gets to 10,000 LEGO w

Hey, everybody! We all know Up didn’t get much merchandise. Want to help me change that? Well, with LEGO Cuusoo, we stand a change. If an idea hits 10,000 votes, LEGO will review it and possibly create a purchasable set. I created a model of Carl and Ellie’s house with their mailbox. Interested? Support it, and let’s get to 10,000!

That would be a fun house to build! Very colorful.

Hit the support button in the link?

No accuracy help or anything?

Hey, I supported the house on Cussoo. :wink: That site’s pretty awesome, I’ll have to share it with my brothers. :sunglasses:

Oh, and I meant to mention this earlier, but… you are planning on putting a better roof on it, right? :slight_smile:

Sure. But, what do you mean? I think what I’ll do is give a link to the software, the instructions and the project so we can get it super accurate. Anyone in?

I’d support it if I was registered.

Updated the model to ake it more accurate, and added s preliminary Carl, Ellie, Russell and Dug* Please support it. I had to work within LEGO’s boundries, and rules.

Again, I have to say how good you are at these! I’d definitely buy a Lego Carl’s house! Saw your Red’s Dream video and some of your other creations and I think they rock! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

For everyone saying they like it, or would buy it, sign up and support it. That’s what we need for this. Please. Thanks, Obbsessed.

I signed up and supported it. I personally think it’s good work. The bottom of the house is pretty accurate. The upper part maybe could be improved. I hope you don’t mind a bit of criticism. I try to be complimentary.

Any suggrstions on what needs improvement? I try to act upon pepole’s comments.