My Movie Idea for a Short Film I Wanna Make

So my dream is to become a movie director. I want to make a short film to kinda start if you know what I mean. Called Mysterious Life Ending I trust all of you not to steal my ideas. Right? Right? Anyway.

The Story Is:
A Young Detective finds corpses of 3 teenagers with guns. He must find out why they had guns and how they died since no cause of death is seen.

Here are some spoilers for it

Why They Had Guns:

They knew someone was trying to kill them.

How They Died:

The Killer put a poison in their food and right after it kills them they urinate it out.

The Killers Motive:

They were very popular at kids. Only they were well liked because they were very nice. The killer is a nerd who wanted to be friends with them, only one their girlfriends told them not to. So he killed them and later on the corpse of their girlfriend is found.

I hope to make this and maybe screen it at my local theaters and stuff, its kinda my dream! :smiley:

So I trust you Pixar Planet forumers not to steal this idea. Let me know I can trust you.