My Newbie Icons...

And of course…

BTW How do I put up a sig? I mean, an image one. Do I just paste the BBCode in the Signature text box? How tall/wide can it be? thanks in advance :smiley:

Lookin’ good Leo! Thanks - I hope to see more! :smiley: :sunglasses:

As for siggies, you paste in the URL with the image tags before and after ([img] and [/img ], respectively). Theoretically, it can be any size you want; however, we do have rules regarding them being too large.

There you have it! :wink:

Are you going to add any text to those graphics or is that it?

Leonarduille: it looks good, but I think it could be better with the addition of words or a phrase like the last one.

Lenoarduille - Not bad, dude. I suppose a phrase or two would spice up the flavor of those first two graphics and make them a little more appealing. Other than that, they look quite nice!

By the way, where did you acquire that second screenshot (the one of Remy inside Linguini’s hat)? I’ve only seen that specific shot in the film itself and not in any podcast or the like. Of course, I could be overlooking something here… Just curious! :wink:

– Mitch

To add onto this, PV (PixarVixen) stressed in the Pixar Planet section of these boards how large a signature is allowed to be. You can review the rules by accessing this link:


Please follow these specific rules and regulations when posting signatures.

I like the first one.

Nice shots there, Leo. I’m sure you can think of some pretty funny things to say to add to those graphics! :smiley: