My "Not So Wall-e Crazy" Paraphernalia

ellie-jessie-eve: Thanks for the comments. :smiley:

And about the Anakin picture… that actually isn’t my style; I copied a drawing lesson from the Star Wars website. And since they’ve remodeled the site, they’ve taken out older links, and I tried searching for that one a while ago, but they don’t have it anymore. I can barely remember how to do it. :frowning:

But I’m glad you like it.

I made this little comic:

Instant Air Delivery

Hope you like!

I like it! I laughed, how long did it take you to make it?

ellie-jessie-eve: I actually drew it all on a piece of paper, scanned it in, and then traced over it with the pen tool on Paint Shop Pro.

Wow, that’s awesome, I didn’t know that!

And now, here’s a random piece I came up with for my J.E.D.I. series:

Palpie and Yo Fu - Cuddle Time

It was a very strange, yet funny mental image.

After a long time, here’s some new art:

Obadiah with Miracle Beard

My College Work

Sibling Rivalry

Putt-Putt in Radiator Springs

The Fabulous Hairstyle Meme

Oh look, our own ref. sheet

Two Really Epic Movie Posters (I might use this one as a signature.)

Hope you guys like them! :smiley:

And yet, another one:

The Jewel of Rio

So pretty! I love Jewel’s hair. <3

I love it! Jewel’s hair is so pretty, and I like her sleeves. They remind me of wings!

Thanks girls! I’m glad you like it! :smiley:

Here’s a new piece I’ve whipped up!

New Musical - AirHeads!

See if you can guess who everyone in the pic is based on! :smiley:

So these are the characters from the musical you are creating! It’s neat to see what they all look like, based off of looks ,Katelin is my favorite!

ellie-jessie-eve: I’m so glad you like it. I gotta admit, Katelin is one of my faves too. Right along Yvonne, Toni, and Zane.

Seeing your style of art, you could make your own TV show with your art!

Sorry I haven’t posted in this thread for so long! I’ve just been wanting to have a big batch of new stuff I’ve made to share here. And a big thank you to any feedback I may have missed!

So, here’s some new stuff:

Go Cheer Squad

5-Alarm Fire Hazard

I Brake for Tea

Sketch Dump: Principe de Fuego

Yvonne, L’Espirit de la Lune

Dance Like You’re Up in the Air

J.E.D.I.- The Duchess’s Holiday Outfit

The Four Elemental Ballroom Dancers

Hope you guys like! :smiley:

And now, to update this thread with a bunch of new non-Pixar stuff.

Lightsaber Colors Discussion

Shiverin’ South Pole Siblings

It’s like a little heartbeat

Action Aayla

Les Poissons

Topham Bette Forester

Nguyen, Summer, and Keondre (Finally, some OCs not based on television and movies!)

Patrice and Sidelle’s Music Video Dance Mash-Up!

A Day at the Mall

A very J.E.D.I. Doodle Dump

Sheila Ti - Ready to Fight

I forgot to update this for a very long time, thinking no one would pay attention. I’ve been meaning to do so within the past 4-5 months, but forgot, with school going on and such. Hope you guys enjoy this load of art.

Awesome awesome awesome artwork, JSWeC!! I love your stuff absolutely to pieces :slight_smile: And omygoodness those J.E.D.I pics! X3 I love your spin on 'em! Looking forward to seeing what you put together next! And expect me to be going through your dA soon leaving equally hyped comments on your art, as I hope to grab myself an account there very soon! :smiley:

OWP: Thank you very much!!! I was so sure this thread was dead…

Anyways, I do have some pieces I haven’t put up here yet.

J.E.D.I. Theme Sequence Poster

Scientist and Beast

AirHeads Reloaded

Most Fashionable Girls (Hooray, OCs again!)

Junior and Laura Humanized

I just wanna plate and a fork and a bunny

Zane at a Beach with Birds

Julien, get outta there

Suki portrait

Pyromania Formal Outfit Design

Naboo Travel Poster (A project for my graphic design class)

Korra Re-design

Peaceful Soaring

The Fabulous Flames are GROOVY

J.E.D.I. Moments Dump

Wow! That’s quite a bit. Hope you all enjoy this stuff! :smiley:

Great job. And you’re in a Graphic Design Class? That’s an awesome option!