My "Not So Wall-e Crazy" Paraphernalia

I’ve decide to start a thread for my non-WALL•E related stuff.

Sonny With a Chance cast:

A poem about Revenge of the Sith:

My Pajama Sam gallery:
[url]MU-Cheer-Girl - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

And my original sketch comedy show…As Seen on TV!:
[url]MU-Cheer-Girl - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

Hope you guys like it!

I just started a new series: Super Awesome

It’s about five siblings who get struck by a rainbow comet while playing in their treehouse (the idea is based off an episode of KP), and then they all get superpowers and super cool hair. And then someday in the future, they become superheroes and defend their hometown of Go City from evildoers.

And although it’s not really a Pixar-related story, the kids have Pixar names. :smiley:
Their names are Robert, Dashiell, Colette, Remy, and Emile. Their surname? Parr.

Hope you guys like it!

Your stuff is great! And wow! A Pajama Sam fan! :smiley: I wouldn’t expect that at all, but that makes it even cooler. I have fond memories of playing it at a friend’s house from nearly ten years ago… ah. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Leirin!!!

I’ve come back with more!

First off, an HtTYD fan art:

Night Fury High

And some characters from a new musical adventure I’m writing called Justice! Excellence! Defense! Intelligence! (you have to write the title as an acronym to get the joke)

Obadiah, Alexis, and Victor

Sheila, Lu, Barrie, and Aayla

Yo Fu, Marco, Kit, and Preston

There will be more characters. I still need to do the Junior Politicians of the World Debate Club, the Army of Soldiers that All Look Alike, and the Ones Who Want to Separate (along with the Roger Roger corporation, which is the company that manufacters their robot armies).

I like your Night Fury High graphic! You have a very interesting style of drawing, I love it!

ellie-jessie-eve: Thank you very much!

And here’s two new artworks:

Rainbow - a random OC


J.E.D.I. Academy Line-Up


I likes your Rainbow picture! (Don’t worry, I wont’ copy and distribute! :slight_smile: ) I don’t read your fanfics (nothing personal, I just don’t read any fanfics) so I don’t know, is that a character from a fan fic, or from something else?

ellie-jessie-eve: No, she’s not. Rainbow is just a random personification of the weather I created. She’s not part of any story as of now.

Well, that’s really cool, I like it! Do you have any other weather personifications?

I do, but they’re characters based on one of the Pajama Sam games. You could proably find their sketch sheet in my dA gallery under the Pajama Sam folder.

I’m back with two new sketches!

From my musical Justice! Excellence! Defense! Intelligence! (or J.E.D.I. for short), I give you…

Bail, Patrice, Mona, and Olivier-Cole


Massey, Sidelle, Rina, and Samantha

They will be in color soon. Tell me what you guys think! :smiley:

And now, they’re in TECHNICOLOR!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Debate Club Line-up

Tell me what you guys think. (especially the background, 'cause it’s the first time I actually set myself to making details like these)

My favorite part about the picture is actually the background! I love colorfulness. I’m not really into Clone Wars so I know nothing about it, but I like the person to the far right, she has a cool outfit.

ellie-jesie-eve: I’m glad you like it! The background is also one of my favorite parts.

And the girl on the far right… that’s Samantha Kryze. There’s photos of the characters they’re based on for reference in the artist’s comments. You don’t really need to be into the series; I just provided the photos so you can see the resemblances. :wink:

I agree; Samantha has a cool outfit. She usually likes giant sequin dresses and sunglasses for when she breaks out into a techno dance number. :smiley:

Oh my goodness, it’s fantastic! :smiley: I just love how fun and varied all the outfits are! I think Sidelle is my favorite. :smiley:

Leirin: Thank you very much. I tried to make the outfits as varied as possible to reflect the vast diversity of cultures among the representatives in the Debate Club.

And I’m surprised that Sidelle has a fan! I thought she was going to receive much disdain, considering the Clone Wars character she’s based on, but I guess I was wrong. :unamused:

In fact, I actually had much fun coloring her and doing her bows and ringlet-like bangs. :smiley:

Again, many thanks!

After a long time, I’ve come back with some more of my non-Pixar stuff!

An Anakin Skywalker doodle from 2007

Evil Villains Line-Up

Ahsoka Tano

Hope you guys like! :smiley:

I’m so glad to see you posting again! I’ll leave more detailed comments on my dA account later. However, I think it would be interesting to see you redraw the Anakin picture again, to see how you’re drawing has changed in the past 4 years.