Does anyone have film ideas?

Yeah, but my idea is a story that I actually wrote and I’m working on a sequel.
I call it “One More Day”. If anyone wants me to post a brief summary of it, don’t hesitate to ask. All I’m gonna say is that takes place in the year 2015 and there is a vampire war going on. Make of that what you can. Also, me and some of my old elementary school friends are the characters, and I borrowed a character from Kingdom Hearts and a character from the Spider Man comics. I might post it in the off-topic section later if you guys want me to.

I dream of making animated films some original ideas and some adaptions.


The Phantom of the Opera
Daniel Webster and the Devil
Romeo & Juliet

:arrow_right: (You cannot use these) Original Ideas:

Jack Emonic
The Voodoo Doll

OK. Well, it’s still largely a secret, but I’ve had this idea for months that I’d love to turn into an artsy short film some day.

It’s basically about this race that was separated ages ago, and now their country is split (like Korea). One side is composed mainly of bright and typical “cheerful” colors, the other is more dark and relaxed. What happens when someone from the brighter side wants to break out of the box and see what’s behind the wall? Anyway, I won’t spoil the rest in case I ever do make this. :slight_smile:

That sounds like a pretty good idea!

Thank you! :smiley: I’m still trying to flesh out the idea to make it more original (it’ll probably have a depressing ending), as it’s reminding me a bit too much of Day and Night so far, heh. :slight_smile:

I can see the similarities Leirin, but I’m sure you will work it out!

I have one or two ideas that i’m really excited about, but I’d rather keep them to myself.

Or better yet 2D and 3D characters meet?

Amazing idea! I can just imagine it now, how artsy and how beautiful we could make this in a traditionally animated style. I would love to get to reinterpret these classic characters with my own designs, as well.

We are so collaborating on this :-D)

I have this idea that I’ve been kinda nurturing for a while and fleshing out, hoping that I can make into a feature film one day. It’s basically about a girl who’s kinda lost in all the technology of today, but her mother forces a summer long “vacation” on her, with NO electronics. She ends up making quite a few friends, learning quite a few lessons, and maybe even falling in love :wink: I won’t ruin the end in case I ever do make it to Pixar…

I think you have something there woody! It really is a shame how technology so often defines our lives these days. I bet your film would open the eyes of many people.

I know my English teacher last year would love it! He was happy when he lost his cellphone.

Thank you! :wink: I really hope it does turn into something, I really like what I’ve gotten so far.

ha! really? he might be one of the only people… :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

I imagine your main character as a very technology oriented Violet Parr of types. Is this accurate?

I only think this because I see the shyness and reclusiveness of Violet reflected in your description of the character.

I’ve had this idea in my head for a while.
What if, instead of a reflection, whenever you see yourself in the mirror, it’s actually a lonely creature living inside it, who imitates people to feel like it has friends?

I had this idea where some teens are some of the last people on earth and have to get to a place to have life return to earth.

I also had an idea where an old man owns a farm and sees as the decades go on his friends move away as the cirt gets bigger arounf them. He dosne’t wanna give up the farm but I city won’t quit.

I have more ideas fo movies or shows and ideas for video games.

Whoa. I could totally see Pixar tackling this.

I’ve got a movie idea, but it’s not that original, unfortunately.

Interestingly, the way I pictured it in my head really looked like Pixar’s work. Maybe I’ll work at it some more and present it to them some day! :laughing:

If your serious about this I can do some sketching on Romeo and Juliet.
I also drew Eric from The Phantom of the Opera, anybody care to see it?

I think my story ideas are great ^^’ but why wouldnt i?
When i think of my stories i see movies and thats how i write YD i see it in my mind and then i prosess the talking and thinking and moving and why everyone does what they do YD
I think there are just some things that writing cant show fully. In one of my stories their iris will being to glow with their own color and there are times when its hard to discribe the intensity of the action you know? Or show the beauty behind an action. ^^’ to me everything can be beautiful but its hard to decribe those things and make everyone think it is beautiful ^^‘’
Maybe someday if my art gets better i try doing some manga or something or maybe i’ll make games ^^ theres just so many possiblilties YDDD and i’m rabling ^^‘’’

I’ve got something of a silly idea. It’s about an old man who’s the newest person to move in on the block. There’s a kid next door who’s forced to welcome the guy by her mother. When she meets him she finds out that he’s actually the creator of her favorite comic book superhero and wrote and pencilled many of the early issues. He tells her a secret: that all of the stories were based on true experiences when he used to be a superpowered government agent. He regales her with the 'true" stories that inspired her favorite issues.

She thinks he’s just telling stories until one day another old man moves into the neighborhood. And he looks very much like the hero in the comics archnemesis…

Yeah. Pretty cliche. But I hope I have fun writing it should I ever get around to doing it. I’d hope it would be animated.