My sig isn't coming up...

Can you help?
I have a sig that can fit in forum limist in a [IMG] code and sentence. It’s not coming up for me… what do I do? :cry:

EDIT - Great… as soon as I make this pst, it shows up. Please lock now… :blush:

It’s showing up for me… is it a picture of Buzz and Woody doing a ‘bunny’ finger behind him with your username on the side?

Yes… I can see it on this thread, but not on the others I posted in. Help again, please?? thanks in advance. :c

Could you take a screenshot of your signature box under Profile (where you placed the [IMG] tags)?

Maybe try reuploading to another image server and ‘repasting’ the new [IMG] tag link?

If none of these work, try contacting Phileas or any of the site admins who have greater site control. :wink:

thanks. I’ll try that later. I dont know how to take screenshots. :blush:

shmowzow- In order to take screenshots, just press the print screen (or ‘prt sc’) button on your keyboard, which should be somewhere in the top right. Then past this into a programme like Paint, and put the image up on a website like Photobucket so we’ll all be able to see it.

Strange that it’s only showing up in this thread, though.

Hmm… it seems that my sig only comes up on posts that were made after I put it on. Wierd…