My Spot for Fanfiction

I finally did it. I created my first Pixar Cars fanfiction story. I had just put the first chapter up yesterday and just resently today put up the second chapter.

Title: Past and Present
Rated: T (just to be sure)

Summary: What if Doc was married before his wreakage of 54? What was she like? What happens to her after Hudson forishly apandens her to escape the racing world? What happens when his past catches up to him in the present when He meets up with her again and learns the truth abouth their child, to find out he/she Hudson already knows?

The next chapter should be up in the next few days.

Sounds good! A link would be useful. :wink:

Here’s the link: Clickety Click

I hope, you don’t mind that I posted the link for you, DisneyDreamer :slight_smile:

It is looking good Disneydreamer. I am really liking the story. Keep it up.