My Toy Story vids

Hiya, I’m new here and I figured I’d share my work with you. However, I am a serious Slash shipper so if you don’t like then don’t watch okay?

Warning: This video is a Slash video, more specifically Buzz/Woody pairing. Watch at your own discretion.

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I really enjoyed watching this video. I really love the song. Really good choice. I was a little uncomfortable watching the Woody/Buzz slash. But when I watched it again, I just watched it as if both were just very close friends, almost like brothers. The editing was well done too. I would like for the chorus to have a little more energy, but it was really well done. 4/5 stars

I don’t really support WoodyxBuzz (I say they’re just friends), but that was REALLY well made. Great job!

Do one with RenxStimpy and I’ll be forever grateful.

I’m glad you liked it, and I agree it could of used more energy, but it wasn’t working right when I tried to change it.

Ah, I see. Well, I can’t wait to see more stuff from ya.

Also, welcome to PIxar Planet.

Thanks! (Ya, I figured not everyone would.) I’ll see if about it if I find time and footage.

…So you wont do a RenxStimpy video?

I’ll try to get around to making one, but don’t expect anything soon is what I mean. I’m working on a few other projects I want to get done first.

This is a pick your poison video; it can be pairing or friendship, however you wish to interpret it. Did I just kill Woody in it? I honestly don’t know I think he’s just seriously injured and Buzz is really worried. Anyway, should I finish it?
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Looks like an interesting concept. Buzz mourns the death of woody. Sure, I think you should continue, love to see the rest of it!

Well, I started another Toy Story vid. It, once again is Buzz/Woody slash, so don’t watch if you don’t like slash, viewer discretion advised, ect. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the slashy randomness!!! :smiley:
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I’ve got some new Buzz/Woody videos or previews up!! I hope you guys like them.
Slash,Don’t like, don’t watch.

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What? I made Buzz/Jessie!!! No way…

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The Basic plotline of this video is that Buzz and Woody were in a relationship and then… then Jessie showed up.

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