My Tribute to WINGO

This is a factory option from the dealership. I couldn’t find a

wing like Wingo so I guess will have to do… HAHA.

When the sun is setting the shadow my car casts looks

just like Wingo’s side profile :smiley:


I guess I see what you are doing. Yes, wingo’s wings would be quite expensive and hard to make. BUt single

wing is good enough.

[size=92]-fangirl scream- EEE! That’s gorgeous! :smiley: [/size]

Not to mention it would look absolutely rediculous, but I

think that was the intent Pixar had.

Do you think this could’ve been in the

“Fandom” section of the Pixar Planet forums?

I wasn’t sure

where to put it.

that’s pretty cool! It

would be hard to get one like Wingo’s. I’d love to have a tail fin on my car (although not as big as wingo’s).

That and a custom paint job. And white wall tires. Although I know they’d look silly on a car from the 90s. I

think people who deal in white walls only sell them to people with classic cars anyway. Which my car will be in

another 15 years, lol!



Haha – that’s pretty nice detailing! And what better

way to show your love for the film than to live it large and do some real remodeling? (snigger) :smiley:


the fact that I now know you live in Florida, I’d like to say that I love your license plate – it’s your

screen name. Heheh. :wink:

why shoud the

fandom section not be the right place for your posting…?

your car looks really cool! :smiley:

Man, I wish I had a Car! :cry: :wink:

I’d do

the same thing you did! :stuck_out_tongue:

If he

had one as big as Wingo’s , his car would be weighted to much on one side and it would tip . ( Moo ! Sorry ,

that just reminded me of the tractors ) lol

lennonluvr9 : Oh well , they can get over it since I’m so

getting some for my future mint green convertible bug with a tan cover for the top and tan leather interior .


my tribute to lmq:

i signed in for the opel opc

cup - they’re looking for amateurs who’d like to drive the 24 hrs of the nuerburgring nordschleife (the

northern turn of the nuerburgring is called “the green hell of nuerburgring”, “green” because

the surroundings of this racetrack are a somewhat nice green landscape). the lucky ones who get chosen will go

straight up to a training camp in order to master this task…

well, i don’t think i stand a chance,

they won’t chose me, but i couldn’t resist signing up :smiley: …i once did race training before (on the saxony

ring who was later turned into a motorbike racetrack) - and i reaaaallly loooooved it! yehaaa!

Thanks for the props everyone.

As the title suggets, MY TRIBUTE TO WINGO, truely my

favorite car from the movie CARS.

Nice pics! I had to go

and save some of them in computer, lol! That whole scene with the DRH is one of my fav parts :slight_smile:

[size=92]I’m so glad that someone loves Wingo as much as I do. You rock for this tribute, man!

:wink: -clings to all the pictures- Eeee!

Right now I’m drawing a picture of Wingo that my bro requested,


Oh yeah and speaking of spoilers earlier, the other day I saw a spoiler that looked EXACTLY like

The King’s… it was the right size and it was even BLUE and everything. :open_mouth: [/size]

Thanks guys.

If you guys want more let me know. I am going to start working on

a tribute to Lightening McQueen… Stay tuned…

[size=92]I’ll keep an eye out for that.


Btw, I showed my DeviantArt friend this Wingo tribute and she says, "OMG AZNCDN HAS MY FULL

SUPPORT". :smiley: [/size]

I just saw all of the Wingo pics. I am surprised at what you done. Now that is

what I call a devoted fan. I love it so much. I can’t wait for lightning.