Mystery Science Theater

I know there are some other fans of the show on here. It’s a show where this guy and a couple robots watch really bad movies and make fun of them. You watch the movie, but there is an outline of them sitting in movie seats on the bottom of the screen, and they make jokes during the movie.

Some of my favorites are Teenage Strangler, The Space Children, and The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies.

MST is my favorite thing in the world. My two favorite episodes are The Brain That Wouldn’t Die and Time of the Apes. I saw Mixed-up Zombies when it first aired and it remains a favorite (especially the creepy monkey ticket dispenser), but I wish Shout Factory would hurry up and release it and not waste their few yearly releases on theme sets (The Complete Gamera, both Fugitive Alien films and both Master Ninja films). Feel free to chat with me about MST anytime.

My dad and I just watched The Thing that couldn’t die, and The Horror of Party Beach. They were both really funny!

He found one with Peter Graves. We totally have to watch that one next!! 8D

Horror of Party Beach was another one I saw when it first aired. Remind me again what the maid’s name was?

The one with Peter Graves is called Parts:The Clonus Horror- another favorite!

Her name is Eulabelle, and that’s also her name in real life.

The Peter Graves one he found was “It Conquered the World.” or something like that. There must be more than one with him! Yaay!!!

My whole deal with Peter Graves started after I started watching Mission Impossible, and then a couple MSTs said jokes about him, and I thought it was so funny since he’s such a serious guy in MI. I don’t even have a crush on him (Rollin played by Martin Landau is my MI crush).

In the not too distant future, next Sunday AD…

Current favorite episode is Hobgoblins! One of my first, too. I personally love Mike Nelson. Have you guys heard of Rifftrax?

I own two Rifftrax: Plan 9 From Outer Space and Santa & the Ice Cream Bunny.

Oh yeah, Rifftrax is good too! One of the Rifftrax we watched was The House on Haunted Hill. What’s funny about that is that we also have the regular version that’s from a Vincent Price movie set, and the movie is off from the sound. I think that’s hilarious, so that movie is funny anytime I watch it.

Has anyone seen any Cinematic Titanic episodes? I’ve seen three: The Alien Factor, The Wasp Woman, and Danger on Tiki Island.

Is it MST?

Has anyone seen the MST episode Space Mutiny? It’s hilarous! They give the main guy a bunch of nicknames in a row, and when my dad and his friend first saw it, they were laughing so hard they couldn’t breathe, and they kept naming names before they had a chance to laugh at them. 8D

It’s similar to MST. It has a lot of the same cast members from MST, except instead of watching the movie in a theater, the actors appear on stage. The actors are still in silhouette and the movies are just as terrible. Cinematic Titanic tours live regularly, but if they’re not in your area, they have DVDs readily available on their website.

I should have been here earlier, but yeah I do watch it on YouTube casually. Some of my favourite episodes are Hobgoblins, Creeping Terror and Zombie Nightmare.

I just got another Rifftrax DVD: Little Shop of Horrors. I’ve actually seen the unriffed version (based solely on the stage play being my all-time favorite musical) and I made it as far as the hooker scene and gave up. LSoH is the third Roger Corman movie I’ve seen (the other two are The Wasp Woman and Gunslinger, which was done on MST3K) and easily the worst of those three.

It was kinda before my time (only 14), but I watched some episodes on Youtube and now I’m hooked! It’s so funny! The things they come out with are sometimes what I’m thinking in my head that exact moment. Creepy.

Which ones did you see? Do you have a favorite so far?

I watched so many, I don’t even remember!
I don’t really have a favorite, but if I were to pick one it would have to be Hobgoblins. It was classic!

Yeah, that’s a funny one! I actually thought those little guys were kind of cute.