Needing ideas for an Up sig,...

Ok, this is a really strange request, but I literally cannot think of any single image of Up that I want as a sig, there’s probably not a single part of the movie I like more than the rest save maybe [spoil]when Carl is looking through the adventure book at the falls[/spoil] but it’s a huge spoiler, as well as [spoil]the most powerful tearjerker in the movie[/spoil].

I do know however, that I want either Carl only, or with any of his entourage (Russell, Kevin, Dug), and probably a caption, not sure if it should be a line from the movie or my own comment yet, but that comes later and at my own choosing. I guess I’ll just go with whatever a lot of people wanna look at when I post :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll make it myself, I just need ideas for what to put on my sig.

Sorry for being such a dork, but there’s just too many parts of the movie I love, I wouldn’t be able to fit every good part in my sig (it’d be the WHOLE MOVIE! :smiley: ) I just can’t decide!

Ditto…I’ve been in need of a new sig and avatar for ages. Someone willing to help either of us?!

give your movie, type of sig, sig concept, themes. catchphrase.

Like, right here, right now? Okay!
Movie: Up
Type of Sig: One with a picture…?
Sig Concept: Meaning…what?
Themes: Kevin and Dug
Catchphrase: “Adventure is out there! I think…”
That enough?

you’ve seen the movie right? i hope you do…

i think the right image for your sig is when [spoil]Dug said ‘point’ at the first time[/spoil].

Hehe, clever one chef, I like that idea. I’ve more or less figured out what I wanna do, but the quote is pretty long. Something more simple (MUST be Carl related) would be nice. The one I have is just a placeholder for now, It’s kinda meh.

mulluh mulluh

I love the idea of the [spoil]dug poiting thing[/spoil] could you make it for me?

Finally figured out my PERFECT sig. Can someone get me a pic of [spoil]the last photo in the credits Adventure Book, where Russell is outside the window yelling into the can telephone, and Carl’s listening at the other end with the BEST look on his face. Dug’s sleeping to the left of Carl.[/spoil]

Decent quality will be fine for now, I’ll get a good quality pic later, when it’s avaliable.

Also, for anyone who read that spoiler, do you think that pic would be too much of a reveal? I’m thinking it won’t, but just to be safe.

i will. :smiley:

Not to sound impatient, but…when will mine be done?

I really need that pic as well, and someone’s opinion if it’s too spoiler-ish

i will quite a busy next week as i’m unable to go online as i’m going to college.
but i will let you know time to time. :smiley: Cross my heart.

wannabechef91 - Grandpa told me about promises, it was crossing heart.

Where is my stuff?! I’m stuck with this stupid R2-D2 avvie and I’m in need of my new sig.