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Also, I’m doing a palette challenge and various other things, so it’s time to share some art!

First off, here is the link to the palette challenge I’m doing:

[Moved to Non-Pixar thread because I totally forgot it existed! Woops!]

Omg I’m laughing so hard. Now I really hope he does that pose in the movie. Those stubby little legs…

Super cute stuff here Netbug! Ahhh that Baymax you drew is adorable!! X3

Except that this thread was put into a Pixar–>Fandom–>Fan Art category and there’s no Pixar stuff in here. Shouldn’t this be moved into Common Room–>Non-Pixar Art? Or will there be Pixar stuff to come sometime later within this thread? And if there was already another fan art thread created from the user who just started this thread, when’s the last time they posted in it?

Sorry about the rant, but…nice drawings there, Netbug009. Except I have never heard of Baymax.

…To be honest, I completely forgot there was a separate section for Non-Pixar art. :blush: My bad! I’ll make a separate thread over there for my Non-Pixar stuff.

Meanwhile, have some humanized WALL-E fanart! :smiley:

Also, people are more than welcome to request Pixar characters for the palette challenge I’m doing!

(Baymax is from the upcoming Disney film Big Hero 6.)

Awwwww the WALL-E and EVE pic is so cute I can’t even…! X3 X3

I forgive you, Netbug, but I still had to remind you about the appropriate thread location.

And by the way, I kinda like Pixar characters the way they are (well, with the exception of JSWeC’s fan art, of course)

You’ll probably like this next pic more then. ^^

And it’s totally fine - I honestly forgot about the Non-Pixar Art section so I appreciate you sending me in the right direction! :smiley:

Well, of course I had to remind you! (Thanks for the new pic, by the way.)

Yay WALL-ExEVEness!! :3

Wait a minute…Netbug? I think his head’s too small. :confused:

Haha yeah - this was my first time drawing them in FOREVER so I’m not totally happy with how either of them came out. :confused:

Would anyone like to throw a color palette and a Pixar character at me? It’s been a while since I drew any Pixar characters. :B