Net's Fanmixes

Alright, so, there isn’t exactly a mixtape area on PP, but part of the process of creating a mixtape is making the pretty cover art, so I think graphics is where I’ll post these things in one convenient topic, if that’s alright. :slight_smile:

For those who don’t know, a fanmix, fan soundtrack, or FST, is a mixtape somebody makes based on a particular character/pairing/movie/whatever they like. It used to be that you had to put the songs in a ZIP and others would DL them, but thanks to the beautiful, LEGAL 8tracks, you can listen to all my famixes online! Enjoy!

I will post the cover and include a link that leads to my blogpost for the mix, which has a listening link and lyrical notes that explain why I picked the songs I did. Like I’ll do right now for this one! :smiley:

adventuresinhypergraphia.blogspo … y-fst.html

Also, if you missed them when originally posted, I have these two:

Lightning/Sally: … y-fst.html

WALL-E/EVE: … e-fan.html

Suggestions for future mixes are welcome! I’m also planning to do a few “best of animation” mixes.

Nice songs for Wall-E/EVE! I got some more suggestions, if you’d like to listen in?

Sure! Although I tend to use songs I already have, no no promises, but I’m always happy to hear somebody’s else’s song pics. :smiley:

Song Pics?

I mean like song picks. What songs other people would pick. With a k. Darn my muscle memory. XD

WOW! These are absolutely great, Netbug! I’m familiar with and enjoy a number of the songs listed for WALL-ExEVE, LightningXSally, and MaterXHolley. And the fact that you listed the particular lyrics and the similarity with characters’ relationships was amazing! I love matching songs up with characters and you did a great job! I do have one song suggestion for the WALL-ExEVE one: for about the entire time after I saw WALL-E in 2008, the Jonas Brothers song Lovebug has come to mind. Of course, a lot of love songs came to mind after I saw WALL-E… <3 Anyway, I look forward to hearing more!

Thanks! :smiley: I really want to do another one of these soon. Not sure who it would be for though. Maybe something Medira related since I haven’t really gotten into the Brave spirit yet.