Net's Graphics 2.0

I hope starting a new one is alright, since my first thread is like, over a year old and I’d kinda like a fresh start. ^^

Anyways, I’ll make Pixar sigs and avis for people! However, I have to ask that you provide your own image. UNLESS it’s a scene from WALL-E, cause I have like, a billion caps for that. I can use my own for that. xD

Can’t wait to see them! I’ve seen you’re graphics and they’re awesome! :smiley:

Me too. I can’t wait to see it again Netbug.

Thanks, but first I need some requests. xD

Anything WALL•E-related floats my boat! :slight_smile: Besides I don’t see people making a lot of WALL•E graphics anymore… :frowning:

little chef

I’ll totally do some WALL-E ones! :smiley:

First off, however, RANDOM CARL!


Carl avvie = Cute!!! :smiley: A little pixely, though. Where’d you find it?

Oh, and WALL•E graphics, yaaay! I can’t wait to see!!

little chef

It’s from the George and A.J. short. I know it’s kinda pixely. Sorry. ^^;

I’m having trouble getting in a graphics mood for some reason, but here’s a few WALL-E ones:

I really like that first “double-exposure” avvie there… it just looks really different! :slight_smile: Awesome shots for the first time getting back into graphics - I know exactly how you feel about not being “in the mood” for it… sometimes it takes a while for inspiration to hit, and then you spend like, all day at the computer making them cuz suddenly you just get all these ideas at once. :laughing:

Oh yeah, I remember that shot from George and A.J. now… cute capture!! (I still freakin’ love the style of that short dkajfdksj <3)

little chef

Cool avatars! You’re always great with graphics.

Thank you. ^^

Here’s some Up icons. The concept art is so pretty for this film. <3

Oooh, these are all so pretty!!! :smiley: If I can get over this serious WALL•E (and now Ratatouille!! :open_mouth:) kick that I’m on, I might wear one of these sometime!!! Seriously, these are some of the most unique Up avvies I’ve seen so far, and it’s always hard to find something original. Excellent work!!!

I have to ask, what program do you use to make these? Not that it matters, just curious.

little chef

Just some simple stuff in the GIMP with a few Textures/coloring edits. The credit really goes to how darn pretty the retro style art for the movie is to begin with on the majority of them. ^^

Hey guys! Just a few new WALL-E icons. Sorry they’re Christmas themed, but I really felt the picture was still cute, and maybe somebody on the forum feels the same way? I dunno.

And bonus Toy Story icon!

Comic book time!

I love the Boom! comics… (blinks) oh crud! I forgot about the one released a week ago! D8 (makes plans to go to the comic book store) darnitdarnitdarnitdarnit

Ha, thanks for uploading those, I never get tired of WALL-E icons.

Thank you.

Indeed, you can never have enough WALL-E icons. Here’s some more! :smiley:

Oh very cool comic ones! That’s different!


These ones are from the manga released in Japan.

And a few good ol’ movie ones.

Oh those are so pretty and colorful! I love the one of Eve holding hands with Wall-E! I like it when he has that expression.