New Contests?

Hey I’m kind of new here, but I was wondering, are you (moderators) going to make any new contests soon? I saw the last one was in Halloween 2007! I really enjoy entering contests and I was hoping for some more.

You and me both… let’s hope so!

Perhaps it is time to freshen up the art scene here again. It’s my fault for letting it slip, really. I’ll get in touch with lizardgirl and see what we can whip together for the rest of the summer seasons.

Well, I’ve planned on holding a contest over at PixarPlanetdA, but that will have to be sometime in mid-August because I’m away for a little while and the last one only finished last week.

But if you’re members of dA and of the club, you’re both welcome to join in when the contest is held. :smiley:

lizardgirl: Won’t this contest have to do something with actually hand drawing something?

I’m happy with the number of contests that Pixar Planet DA has - lizardgirl does a fantastic job organising them.

But the contests on this forum (or lack thereof), well, we should have more contests… One to celebrate the release of WALL•E in cinemas would have been nice. Maybe by the time it comes out on DVD we could have one. I’d be happy to organise one. Heck, any excuse for a contest is good. :sunglasses:

TSS- Well, Haunt was mentioning the ‘art scene’ so I thought that that’s what she meant.

Rachel- Thanks! And I agree, it would be lovely to have a few more contests on the boards here, even if it’s just a couple of times a year. I think contests for the release of each new Pixar film would be a perfect way for members to demonstrate their love of Pixar. Good idea with the whole release date of the WALL-E DVD thing, definitely!

I would also love it if the Pixar Planet contests continued. I’d whip one up myself, but I feel that that type of thing is best left for the higher authorities to deal with, namely PixarVixen and Dash. But heck yeah, I would be more than happy to jump into the ball pit if I had the chance to…

“First one to create a fully-functional spaceship gets a free WALL-E DVD and a trip to Pixar Animation Studios.”


That aside, I definitely agree with rachel in that lizardgirl is doing a fine job of keeping the Pixar Planet dA club alive and well. There’s no lack of things to do there, and both artistic entries and contests are always in abundance. :smiley:

– Mitch

Mitch: That would be cool to get a spaceship with WALL-E DVD and a trip to Pixar. :laughing:

The Star Swordsman - It would be even cooler if one of us here could actually build a spaceship. :laughing:

But back on-topic… (snigger)

– Mitch

Hey, that’d be a cool contest! Sculpture of a spaceship! IDK how that’d be related to Pixar, though.

What’s with that old Pizza Planet truck contest? :confused:

Which one are you talking about A113?

Idea for a contest!

Everyone who enters has to desig a TV channel that show pixar films and shorts. They have to disign a logo and style, and even possbily a sample timetable!

The bast will be judged at a certain date?

WALL•E - Ha! Now that would be a huge undertaking. Even worse: Animate your own Pixar-related short. (snigger)

– Mitch

I have seen a similar challenge on another board and even entered it myself! It is pretty easy If you’re given enough info on what the channel is about. Just pictures, not animations.

that sounds intresting yet demanding at the same time.