New Fanfiction ! Please Read and Review!

Hey! My Cars Fanfic group did a fiction challenge recently. The assignment was to write a 500-2000 word story about the King and his wife after the big crash. My entry is at and I would LOOVE feedback! I hope you like it…it is a little more upbeat than the last one.

Well, I read it, and it was really good! NIce work BTTP!

Thanks so much, Star Swordsman!!

I like it! :smiley:


Hey Dan. If you and SS and anyone else want to make me ecstatically happy, review me at

but anyway, I’m glad you liked it!!

BTTP: Well, I would, but I only review Incredibles stories on Sorry.

Cool! I’m in the process of reading it now…wait for it…wait for it Done! That was really good! I felt that one too. I was like “aww, poor Mrs Weathers!” and then it was like “aww, king, you’re so sweet!” [spoil]I’m glad Mrs Weathers decided to call the police because even though she hated Chick, it was the right thing to do. And that reference to Dale kinda got to me a little too. [/spoil]

I think I reviewed it. It was wonderfully written, and I liked it ^^

I’ve just read it. Really nice! It’s obvious you put a lot of thought into it.

Aww, Thank you so mucy for your kind words, it makes me very happy to know that people like my stuff, it encourages me to keep writing!

BTW, someone asked for a epilogue to Sic Tranit Hicks so I wrote one and posted it, for anyone that is interested. Just follow the original link to the story, or go to Cars section, it should be close to the top. Hope you like it!

I did!

You saw my review on


Yes, I saw the review Dan, thanks. I hope you enjoyed your fic since I pretty much wrote it for you (probably wouldn’t have thought of adding an epilogue if you hadn’t suggested it!)

And Lennonluvr, the King was really nice, he is a sweetie. I can’t see him [spoil]ever really wanting to hurt Chick despite what Chick did to him. He would definitely have called the police like his wife did![/spoil]

I can’t wait to get working on my next fic!!

We can’t wait to read it borntothepurple.

Your welcome :smiley: