New issue?

Is there going to be another issue? Because the last issue came out in December and it’s almost July now. Phileas? Anyone care to explain?

I think they only do a new one when there’s big news, but I don’t at all understand the whole thing, so I wouldn’t know.

There was a push to get one out before the release of TS3 but that didn’t pull through…at the moment we believe there is a new episode ready…it just needs to be finished and published.

If you have any questions about subitting or helping release Peach magazine or would just like to know from the editors mouth please PM Phileas…

Yes, it was a little tough to get an issue out before TS3, but we did try very hard! I know many articles were submitted, so an issue should be out soon.

I really hope it will be published in the near future; I can’t wait to see it!