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Wrong thread, dude, but welcome back, gottalovepixar. :wink:

Never seen you before, but your avatar looks neat. Seriously, it’s neat and tidy. Simple. In a nice way, of course. :smiley:

lol…oops :blush:

this is what happens when you’re gone too long, you make new member mistakes again!

GLP! Welcome back! Oh my goodness it has been a long time! Haven’t seen you since forever!

I’ve been coming and going some lately. But you’ve been gone most of the times. Welcome back man!

We haven’t met, gottalovepixar, but I must say, your Cars fanfic greatly interests me. (Psst! I’m working on one too! It’s gonna be awesome!)
Love Little Shop of Horrors, if that’s what’s implied in your Location field. Audrey Two kicks plant!

my name’s Joshua and I’m from Sydney, Australia. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Pixar Planet, joshlama! It’s nice to have you here. :smiley:

Please feel free to introduce yourself in this thread:

Hi, my name is…

Again, welcome to the site! :wink:

– Mitch

Welcome to Pixar Planet joshlama. I love your name.

…Hello from Germany,

I´m a German Pixar Fanboy, I like the Films and i like Pixar. I am looking for like-minded with whom I am about Pixar and their films can be exchanged.
Sorry for my English, but I think by writing here, I can still improve it :smiley:

Welcome to the forum boards, UP! It’s nice to have another dedicated Pixar fan here. :smiley:

– Mitch

Thanks :smiley:

Welcome aboard UP. I love your username. I know you will love it here.

Hi! I’m Powerful or call me PF for short. I’m a big fan of Pixar movies especially Toy Story and The Incredibles.

I do hope that I am welcome here. :smiley:

You are welcome here Powerful. I’m glad you decided to join the PIxar Planet family.

Just a friendly reminder that this thread was created to announce the new members section of the forums. If you want to introduce yourself, please use the following thread instead: Hi, my name is… :slight_smile:

After doing a few posts, I thought I’d come here and say a proper hello to you all :slight_smile: . I’m DinoGirl or, uh, Zoe. Finally managed to get the courage to join here as it looks fun and well, thought I’d join some other members from the Boggs Board on here. Yes, I’m a Randall fan :smiley: .

Welcome to the boards, DinoGirl! :smiley: You probably know me from Boggs’ Board too. Nice to see another Randall fan around! :laughing: Oh, and if you want to you can make a post in the official introductory thread that’s linked to in Rachel’s post, the one above yours.

Hey again Lizardgirl! Glad to see you :smiley:. Thanks for the link reference… I’ll make a post there too :slight_smile:.

Helo everyone I’m flashpoint … new citizen here.
I’m big fan of Pixar movies since Toy Story. Landed here when finding nice Pixar wallpaper for nokia 5800 (haven’t find one).

Nice to meet you all!

Ok, I’m locking this thread because the new members seem to be mistaking the sub-forum announcement thread for the introduction thread.