New Moderator Announcement

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome and congratulations to Violet Parr as she is now an addition to the moderating team.

Thank you, TSS :smiley: ! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! I promise, I’ll make you proud! You and all the Mods! I’m honored to be working with one of the best teams in the world =D !

You’ve been a very great member on Pixar Planet for the past few years, and I’m glad to welcome to the Moderator Team Violet! I’m glad we’ll be getting more help to fight the spam bots.

Thank you so much, Ellie! That means a lot to me :slight_smile: ! Actually, I wanted to be a mod on here for a long time, so this is a dream come true :smiley: !

Don’t we all. Congrats Violet.But why is you’re name not green yet and it dosen’t say your a mod…

Thank you :smiley: ! And, I’m not sure. Maybe you have to be a mod for a while before that happens.

I remember the Mods last time turned green fast. If it dosen’t soon. Want me to contaxt Star?

Congratulations Violet Parr! You deserve it, so good for you.

Congrats Violet! It’s definitely well deserved.

I think it might be a change Phileas has to make. :wink:

But congratulations, Violet! There’s no other person I can think of who would be more deserving of the responsibility. You’ve been such a faithful and kind member, you more than deserve this! I’m so glad to finally be working with you as a fellow mod! Congrats! :smiley:

little chef

Oh, awesome! Congrats, Violet! You definitely deserve it! :wink: :smiley:

Well hope he doesn’t forget.

Congratulations, Violet Parr! :smiley: You’ll make a great mod!

Thank you all so very much :slight_smile: ! It’s an honor to be serving the admins on PP. And, needless to say (whether it counts or not), my employment status on FB will be changing :wink: !

Pixarfan91- Nah, it’s a’right :slight_smile: . If it doesn’t change within a day or two, I’ll say something myself. Thanks anyway :wink: !

It’ll change some time soon. if not, we can talk to Phileas about it.

Thanks, TSS :slight_smile: ! But really, it doesn’t bother me :stuck_out_tongue: .

Congratulations, Violet! You were a likely choice!

Well if you do need help on anything else just ask.

Thank you, Spirit :smiley: ! You have no idea how good that makes me feel!

And thanks, Pixarfan91 :wink: ! Great to know when people got your back :wink: .

Congrats Violet :slight_smile: