New Radio Pixar Feeds to Subscribe To

Recently at RP, we had some issues with podOmatic, our host, so we have decided to change host to an FTP server with Dreamweaver. However, this means that you will all have to resubscribe to the podcast. You can do that at the following links.

Subscribe in iTunes to Enhanced AAC
Subscribe in iTunes to MP3

Subscribe to the Enhanced AAC version RSS feed
Subscribe to the MP3 version RSS feed

As you can see there is a standard MP3 version, and an enhanced AAC version which contains episode artwork and links etc.

There is also a new player on the Radio Pixar main page, which can now be accessed through Unfortunately we are having a bit of trouble with Ep’s 9 and 10 in the player at the moment and in the podcast feed but hopefully they are fixed ASAP.

Any problems, please email as

Hopefully this all works out. :slight_smile:

Everything has worked has worked smoothly with Itunes, i can still get my original Podcast to work, will subscibe to the new one though anyway.

Great job guys, keep working away and hopefully this problem will be forgotten quickly.

Thanks Al-Bob. I’m keeping podOmatic there for a week or two to allow people to switch over and in case there are problems.

That sounds good, so they will have the choice of Itunes or PodCast??

No more new episodes will be posted to podOmatic, so to answer your question, in the end no. It doesn’t really matter. We are just cutting out the work that podOmatic does and providing it ourselves.

It seems as if Episodes 1-10 are having some issues; specifically, when I go to the Archives to listen to a previous episode, Episodes 1-5 have summaries of the episode only - it does not play the episode. As well, Episodes 6-10 redirect to the sitemap.

Also, may I make a suggestion? I’d think it would be better if we had a seperate page for the show; much like the blog, and not on the main page.

I’m so glad we’ve switched servers. podOmatic worked then, but I had always wished we would be able to get soething better. And I felt terrible for making Dash pay all those monthly fees…