New Smileys?

It seems as though all forums these days have custom smileys. I was wondering if this was ever touched upon before for Pixar Planet. I mean, I would personally like Mr. Potato Head smileys. :wink:

I agree, it would be nice to see some custom emoticons as well as the ones we currently have. The ones that we have now I’ve seen on about 5 other forums.

Some ideas for emoticon sets:
-Carl Fredricksen

Does anyone here have any skills with spriting/pixel art?

I’m an O.K. spriter. Completely custom emoticons will take some time, but it’s not impossible.

If we were to have a mixed set, I think it would be hilarious to have the Hockey Puck as the “lips sealed” smiley.

Is there a way to make smileys that change with the board style you are using?

I’ve played around with sprites before, so I might see if I could do something like that. I would think we should have one or two characters from each film. Do you think they should each have different expressions or just be the characters themselves?

I made a quick Lotso for the heck of it. Obviously it’s not perfect, but it was fun.

I just asked Phileas about it on Facebook. I’m sure he’ll look into it.

I agree some new smilies would be fun :slight_smile:

I would love new smilies. :smiley: