New TS Shorts (Stop motion)

Well, I just made a couple of Toy Story stop motions, and I know there’s more out there, so feel free to post all Pixar Stop motions here!
(If there’s a thread on this already, feel free to lock this up and point me in that direction)


Woody’s Roundup type thing

Dude, that was totally epic! It was so amazing, and it looked so realistic! Very nice job. I loved the Buzz Lightyear one.

Thank you very much.

Those were both great! :smiley:

Wow! Impressive!
Nicely done!

What programs do you use?

I used After Effects for everything except the video scratches to make it look old, that’s just movie maker

A quick new Buzz Animation:

That was really great :smiley: Nice effects.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

A quick holiday greeting:

My latest Toy Story video…what do you think?

Dud, i have gotta tell you that it was totally epic! Dude, you know how people get when they are so excited to watch a movie that they are on the ege of their seats? Well, you had me on the edge of my seat. Excellent job dude. it must have been a lot of hard work, but it was incredible!

That was sooo goood! OMG! I plan to make stop motion shorts to (have been practicing). Im gonna do a scene in toy story 3 when buzz is changed from play to demo! But looking at ur video, is making me excited about my project! U did an excellent job, my friend. keep up the good work!


You’re welcome dude! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for next time.