New Up clip on MSN

There’s a new Up clip on MSN movies that has some extended footage from the trailer. Go to the MSN movies home page and look for Carl’s face! :stuck_out_tongue: {Then click on it. :laughing: }

Great find, TAMATER! Now we can see the rest of the “Can I assist you” scene we saw from the trailer. I like the [spoil]“4x optical zoom camera” commercial we hear Carl watching in the beginning, and Russell offering Carl to “cross his porch”. We also get a sense of what Russell’s motives are for helping Carl, at least initially.[/spoil]

To others who are wondering, this clip isn’t exactly ‘spoilerish’, and seeing it’s from the start of the movie, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have a look either.

I love the clip. It shows that the film flows well without the cuts in the trailer.

Haha! Loved the clip! I liked that we got to see a bit more of Carl’s personality especially at the end when he [spoil]sends Russell off to find the Snipe bird so he leaves him alone.[/spoil]

Poor Russel :`-( all he wanted was his last badge

Great clip… I love when [spoil]Carl says “It burrows two blocks down and…” Two blocks, got it! - Russell[/spoil].

He can’t even wait for Carl to finish! Hilarious!

The scene does go seamlessly without the trailer cuts, as we knew it would.

I like Carl more and more… It’s great when “old foggies” have real personalities. In movies, too often they are one dimensional!

Man, this stuff is great. I can’t get enough of Russell, and Carl’s personality is absolutely charming. (Ed Asner, in particular, really seemed to get in touch with his character from what I’ve seen of these clips.) I particularly like how Russell kept saying [spoil]“Good afternoon” over and over again[/spoil], and how [spoil]his eyes went wide when Carl mentioned the snipe[/spoil]. Great stuff, man. Great stuff…

Thanks for the information, TAMATER! :smiley:

Does anyone else think that the guy who was talking during that particular commercial is Bob Peterson? I just sounds like him to me, especially the way he said [spoil]“Schneider lens”[/spoil], or something like that. (In one of the Monsters, Inc. featurettes, on the second disc of that DVD set, Bob Peterson acts out a storyboard sequence that was cut from the film. While doing so, he does character voices, and one of the voices that he did was this nerdy monster who kind of slurred his words when he talked. Just the way that he delivered those lines during the storyboard panel makes me think that it’s him who was in the T.V. commercial. Heh.)

– Mitch

The voice does sound vaguely familiar… perhaps

I watched that deleted-scene pitch when I borrowed Monsters Inc last holiday! :smiley: Though I can’t really recall his voice… I wouldn’t be surprised if they got him to voice that commercial.

Does anyone have a link to this?

lizardgirl - Here you are:

Up Clip: “Need any Assistance?”

– Mitch

Thanks, Mitch! :smiley:

It was a good clip! :smiley:

I’m liking Carl more and more, but as that happens, I’m disliking Russell more too. It’s sad that [spoil]his main reason for wanting to help Carl is just to get the last badge and to get promoted, and perhaps that’s just because he’s naive, but I think it shows that despite being a Wilderness Explorer, he hasn’t really learnt anything about helping people that need it. It makes me feel particularly sorry for Carl, since he probably gets it all the time, and I think Russell, throughout the film, will learn that just because someone is old doesn’t mean they’re infirm or that they need help or anything like that. To Russell, Carl is just a step up to the next thing, and he doesn’t listen to him or show him any real respect. But yeah, that will probably change as the film goes on and as Carl shows Russell that actually he’s led an interesting life and has some good stories to tell.[/spoil]

lizardgirl - No problem! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. :smiley:

Edited: Ah. I deleted that long comment that I posted. I was looking too far into it. Heh.

– Mitch

Some of you wondered who voiced the commercial in the clip. It’s from this.

Ohmygosh! Those are the exact lines in the Up clip! How’d you find that, eatswithwolves?
Bwahahah! That clip was freakin’ hilarious! “That’s a big horse.” Ahahahah, talk about Epic Fail! Poor guy… and Carl doesn’t even notice it!
I swear, Pixar is genius for putting that obscure ad into the movie for us fans to find and have a laugh over! Brilliance! 8D
And welcome to the boards, eatswithwolves! Make your grand entrance in the “Hi… my name is” thread. Thanks for the link, I think the rest will find it a treat too! :-D)

That’s actually amazing.

“The bushy tail, the big teeth…”

OMG. :laughing:

Thanks for the link, eatswithwolves! I can’t believe you managed to find that! Hilarious!

“Schneider lens! 4 times optical zoom!”
You rock hard, Pixar! :laugh: 8D

I know this doesn’t technically belong here, but I didn’t feel like this needed a whole new thread for itself, so here.

I found this new commercial for the movie (with a few new shots) on Youtube.

I saw that TV Spot last night while watching a brand new Simpsons.

I caught that new TV spot last night too! Only a few more scenes but not much…I’m actually just glad we’re seeing more promos of this film in mainstream advertising - other than movie/animation sites, Disneyland, etc. Now my friends know what I’m talking about and they can’t wait to see Up too! :slight_smile: