New Up Pics/Articles/Links Here

Slash-film just uploaded 38 new pictures from Up (both of the film, and of the production). I looked to find a suitable thread to post this in, but didn’t see one at first glance (Admin: feel free to move this elsewhere if there’s already a thread for this kind of stuff that I missed).

So I thought I should make one central place to post such links so that a new thread isn’t made each time.

Anyway, enjoy the pics. Some new shots from the film as well as of the cast and crew (Pete Docter, Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer, Michael Giacchino, Jordan Nagai, etc). … pixars-up/
Click on any of the pics to enlarge.

Oh, crud. Now I’m too excited for the movie that I’m jumping up and down. There goes my sense of balance - the jumping is making me dizzy!

About 1/3 of the pics have already been released, but the rest is… stunning. First photo made me whistle - could indicate there’s a lot of backstory to this… more than we’re used to from a Pixar movie? Flashbacks a la Emily/Jessie?

I must use one as my avatar :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I agree, the first image is just gorgeous. Pixar have just nailed the ‘what your grand-dad would have looked like when he was younger’ look. The image of Kevin looking side-on at us with his her beady eye always makes me smile on the inside. Cool, we finally get to see what little Jordan Nagai looks like. Love the shirt, Mikey G.!

Thanks, miafka!

Remember the first ever glimpse of Up? It comes around. How fast time flies!

Now with some certain animals alongside. :smiley:

Haha. I love the progression pictures. I can’t imagine animating Carl before the cloth is put on…it’s too funny.

And Muntz! [spoil]Not being evil![/spoil]

Also, I think that’s the first time we’ve ever seen Jordan Nagai.

Very cool pics! I love all those behind the scenes shots!

I loved the first shot…[spoil]with Carl and his wife[/spoil]…that was just so moving to see him so young. Man that brings up wild imaginary thoughts about his youth. [sighs]

[spoil]What’s with the dinner picture with Carl, Muntz, and the dogs? Is Muntz going to turn “good” in the end?[/spoil]

NanoGeek: Here’s your explanation.

[spoil]When Muntz first meets Carl and Russell, he doesn’t know something about them, so he takes them as friends.[/spoil]

[spoil]That sounds a lot better. Thanks for clearing that up.[/spoil]

I’m not sure if you meant for this thread to be for pics alone, but I’ll post whatever video links I find, if that’s ok.

Here’s a familiar clip from Hulu. Pretty much awesome. :smiley: … usive-clip

Here’s a very cool pic from the promo activities in Cannes

Can’t seem to embed it, so here is the link:

Wow, that’s amazing! :smiley: I wonder if it really flies.

I figured that the members here would be interested in a link to Up Forum, where you may find Up news and reviews. Check back for new updates and Up discussion in the coming days. :slight_smile:

Man, I hear that. Heck, I’m still remembering my first glimpse of WALL-E. It feels weird for that to be out of the main Pixar lime light now.

Sidebar story on cluster ballooning in today’s LA Times:
“UP” Up and Away go Cluster Ballonists: … 4279.story

How many balloons does it take to float a house?

OK, this makes me really angry! :imp: I came across this article that says Up is a movie geared towards pre-schoolers! I know they ARE kid movies, but are miscarriages and death really things you would find in every other pre-school film?
[url]Examiner is back -

A real-life ice-cream parlor that has a cameo in “Up” now has a line out the door. This from yesterday’s Contra Costa Times: … ck_check=1

An excerpt from the article:
"The film’s director Pete Docter lives nearby and is a longtime Fenton’s customer. Groups of Pixar employees regularly frequent Fenton’s for lunch and special events. "

Fentons? Wow, that’s awesome! I’ll bet they’re happy about the movie! good for business. I’d love to go visit it sometime.