Newt Concept Art

Hey on Disney Pixar Facebook Page there is 30 Newt concept art images :smiley:

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It looks really good, shame the whole thing got shelved :unamused:

What? I am posting it but it isn’t going through… its showing a blank post for me :confused:

Check it out here. … 5245929077

I’m almost afraid to click. I’m shaking. xD

EDIT: Wow, that is AWESOME. Why did it have to get canceled? :frowning: At least they were generous enough to even release this stuff to the public.

Ah cheers dude. I don’t know why its not showing.

And yeah it looks great… and Pixar just teasing us! :laughing:

What a shame about the movie, this concept art looks so great. Thanks for posting (since I never go on FaceBook anymore anyway)

Wow, that stuff looks great! :smiley:

Oh. My. God!

This artwork is so beautiful! What an amazing movie this was going to be! I was legitimately more excited for this film than any other one at Pixar in production, and then they went and canceled it. Why oh why did they cancel this beautiful movie? It looks like it could have been so amazing. I mean, just the characters alone made me melt.

Pixar, please put Newt back into production! Please oh please!

The art is gorgeous. Makes me feel even worse that it’s not gonna come out though. :frowning:

Oh my, the artwork is so beautiful, it’s stunning! I was never totally interersted in Newt, but now I am!

Wow. I was never very interested in Newt- it sounded like a good film, but I was more interested in The Bear and the Bow. After seeing this I’m a little more interested. I originally though that a lot of the movie would take place within a lab, but from the looks of it they spend a lot of time outside. I’m curious about that red haired girl too. I wish there were some more character designs for the two lead newts- in a lot of the pictures you can’t really see them properly.

From this art you can kind of see where the film was going to go storywise.

Those pictures really are beautiful. Such a shame Newt isn’t in production anymore, though there must be some really good reasons for this, so I guess ultimately we have to trust Pixar’s judgement.

I hope that some of this beautiful art can be of future use to them. Maybe some of it is too specific to this particular movie, but I hope it doesn’t go to waste.

lizardgirl is right, we should trust Pixar’s choice on shelving the project.

…But still, dang, that concept art is absolutely beautiful. Inspiring even.

As others have speculated in the past, the problem could’ve been other films coming out with similar premises - Alpha & Omega, Rio, etc.
But the concept art really reminds me of The Princess and the Frog in some places. Then again that was a project originally being developed at the PIXAR studios, so maybe…

Well, I’ve had this idea for a long time, that it’d be cool to write Newt myself based on what we know and, now, based on the concept art. It seemed like a really interesting and original (if done right) story.

Yeah, it is like The Princess and the Frog. Two small amphibians with opposing personalities falling in love in a swamp sort of place.

I expect that Pixar have good reason to drop the film. Still, it’d be nice to see some of that scenery make it into a future work.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. It looked absolutely gorgeous, but I’m happy that they dropped it, seeing the similarities. I’d rather that than people giving them grief about how they “copied.”

I was kind of looking forward to this movie. Plus it wasn’t really 2 amphibians in a swamp, instead they are in a lab, so the added human element would’ve made it different than The princess and the frog

Do we know for sure it was mostly in a lab? I saw it in the concept art, but there was a lot of wilderness in there, too. Seeing the concept art again is making me wish this film had been made… sigh Oh well, we trust you Pixar! They probably cancelled it for the right reasons

It’s possible that they escaped from the lab because they didn’t like being “forced” together. Just an idea.

That sounds like a reasonable guess. My brain is really weird and this probably doesn’t make any sense, but I keep thinking of G-Force and that old TV show Pinky and the Brain (I think that’s what it’s called) when I think about them escaping from a lab. Why am I getting this vibe from it??

I feel like the two newts situation is rather similar to Pinky and the Brain; they are all lab specimens. I also got this vibe.