Nightwheel's Tech Art

Not bad, dude! I love the Fillmore one. :wink:

Thanks Mitch i am glade you like them. Same thing for you TSS

You are welcome. I can’t wait for the next thing. What is next anyways?

I not even sure yet. Got any ideas anyone?

Well, I guess this means you take requests right? Well, I got one. Can you do some Incredibles graphics please?

I’ll try. I have not had great sucess with human shaped figures. But I’ll try

What do you mean? You have don such an exceptional job with the other pics. Don’t worry about it. I am sure you will do just fine on the Incredibles. i guarentee it.

It’s not that I can’t do it. I just have a hard time with very curvy figures

Here ya go TSS. I fine pice of Incredibles photo editor artwork. And it’s siggy size. so you can use it as a sig if you like.

I just saw the Incredibles sig. It looks really, really incredible. You have done a marvelous job with it. I really like it. However, I don’t plan to use it for a sig. It is good, but it only has mr. I. I would like one with the whole family.

I’ll see what I can do

Who knows nightwheel, if it is good enough for me, i just might be able to change my sig after so long. Maybe. Only time will tell.

It will prob take a week or so to make. Because them pictures are mentaly draining to make.

Don’t worry about it nightwheel. You go and take your time. I will wait for it. Besides, excitement grows each time. So when you do release the pic, it will be so good and I won’t be able to contain myself. :wink:

Oh no why did i make this. Now I remember to make you all happy. :sunglasses: :smiley:

Oh my lord that looks really painful, but

it is really funny. Nice work Nightwheel.

Haha – that’s funny. Nice one,

nightwheel! :laughing:

I am in a funny mood




Hahaha!! I don’t

know why, but that just makes me laugh out loud. :laughing:

I noticed. It took me a while to understand the foot

cheese part, but I think I get the idea of it now.