NikChik-11's Graphics

Hiya! I thought I’d make some sigs and stuff and put them on here.


Lol, ok this was inspired from Larry The Cable Guy. xD If you’ve ever seen Blue Collar Tv, you know what I’m talking about.

I was thinking about Spongebob and that episode where he forgot the pickles. O-o

LOL, this was inspired from Surf’s Up. xD I don’t wanna spoil the movie, so I’m not gonna tell you WHY they said that, let’s just see if you can figure it out. :laughing: I REALLY need to edit it, you can BARELY see the text! sigh I’ll do it later… It says, “Ok, you might hear some water-like noises…”

I (as you already know) [b]LOVE[/i] randomness, and these are probably my favorite siggies ever (probably)! :laughing: I don’t get that “Surf’s Up” one, but I figure it out. I’ll have to see the movie sometime to get it, right? :laughing:

My fave is the “PICKLES!!!” one. 8D 8D 8D

I can’t wait to see your next ones!

Haha I thought you might like them. :wink: And yes, you’ll have to see Surf’s Up to get the last one. xD Thank you! :smiley:

Ha ha, those are really, really cute there NikChik! I love the “farted” one. Keep it up!

Thanks! :smiley:

NikChick11 - Heheh. Nice signatures. I love the “farted” one… (snigger)

– Mitch

Thank you! :smiley:

NikChik11 - You are most welcome. :wink:

– Mitch

As Mitch said, totally welcome NikChik. Can’t wait for more!

For a first batch, these are great, NikChik!

I love the first sig. Heh.

Very nice, NikChik! I remember that Spongebob episode. And the look on Lightning’s face in the ‘farted’ one is just hilarious. :laughing:

Thanks rachealcakes 1985! :smiley: (lol, when I typed in your name, 1985 by Bowling For Soup popped in my head. :laughing: )

And thank YOU lizardgirl! :smiley: I couldn’t resist when I found that picture on my pc… xD

Can I make a request please?

Great graphics. I especially love that farted one, I almost cracked up. It’s so hilarious XD

oh man! Very funny. Those lines fit the expressions so well! Especially on the farted one. That one made me laugh. So did the ‘water-like noises’ one.

Those are awesome graphics, NikChick . :wink:

Are you going to do more?


yeah NikChik! I can’t wait to see them!