NikChik11's FanArt

Mater looks absolutely great. Nice job on that. :wink:

Thank you! ^___^

Excellent Cars and ABL drawings NikChik! I really liked the humanized L&S!

Thank you! ^________^

But… I’m out of drawings now. :confused: Crap! Lol

Then, by all means, draw some more. :wink: We all can’t wait to see more from you. I’m looking forward to it.

^ Aw, shucks. #^_^# You just made my day! :smiley:

Okay, I’ll prolly draw something on the way to Walmart and my mawmaw’s today, so expect somethin. :wink: And oh yeah, check out some other stuff on “non-related Pixar art” or whatever it’s called. =D

Do you take requests?

Sure! But I already have, like 5 I was supposed to do. LOL (can you tell I like to procrastinate?)

But yeah, I take requests. :smiley:

Here’s a pic of Flik I just did: Hey… PIC of FLIK! That’s funny! :laughing: random moment

I need to fix his left eye before I post it on dA, though… :blush:

Oh, that’s just great. Love the coloring. :wink:

^ Thanks! But seriously, I NEED to fix that eye! LOL

Here’s an idea for a fanfic I’ll be starting soon. It’s about Flik and Atta’s kids. Here’s the scoop (lol, sorry I had to say that.)


Hannah is a 13 year old ant, fed up with always being compared to her parents, and wants to be known as “Hannah”, not “Hannah, the Queen’s daughter,” or “Hannah, the daughter of Flik, the guy who saved us from the grasshoppers.” Her looks come from both parents, her face and color from her dad, and physique and posture from her mom. (did I spell physique right? Lol) And she apparently inherited freackles from someone.


He likes getting into all sorts of trouble. This five year old tattles on his sister constantly, and is a bit of a brat at times. He has big, curious eyes, just like Flik, and a light purplish skin color like his mom.

Okay, now I KNOW ants don’t usually live up to five years, and don’t HAVE ages, but most ants also have 6 legs and not four! LOL. AND (if ya wanna get technical) the queen usually gives birth to the WHOOOOLE ant colony, while in the movie it hints that she only has two daughters.

So yeah. Doesn’t make sense. But I still love this movie! And I WISH I could have thought of a better name than JAKE, but… I guess it’s okay. :unamused:

Wow, you must really like A Bug’s Life (and Cars) so much that you even drew the kids of the main charakter and his lover. Great work! Keep it up!^^

Yeah! :smiley: LOL, thanks!

Oh, that’s great. You are very talented. :wink:

The two A Bug’s Life pictures are really incredible NikChik. I really love the Flik picture. Really, really nice.

As for my request, can you draw some TI stuff please?

You are most welcome, NikChick11! :smiley:

My apologies in that I did not reply to your message sooner, but I won’t neglect to say that your artwork is still as cute as always. Keep practicing and you’ll continue to get better and better!

Keep up the good work! :wink:

– Mitch