NikChik11's FanArt

Here’s a couple of doodle’s I did for ABL, and Some drawings for Cars:

This is BATCHICK! xD

And this is one of my MANY humanized LxS versions. I really don’t like Sally in this one. )X

Those are great sketches, NikChick11 . I paticularly like the fourth one. They all have nice coloring and shading put into it. Very nice. :smiley:

Thanks Bill!

(Your siggy seriously made me LOL) xD

No problem. What have you got coming up? :wink:

You mean as in, what am I gonna draw next, or what am I gonna put up on here next?

Yeah, what have you got coming up here? Anything good? I’d love to see more of your sketches.

Yeah I got a few, but they’re crappy. xD I’ll put them up here as soon as they finish loading on PhotoBucket.

NikChik11 - You have a very interesting way of handling color – it’s almost as if you sketched out the drawings on sandpaper/a material with a “tooth” to it. Quite interesting! It makes for a nice texture overall.

I really like the perspective in the “Flik and Dot” drawing at the top, by the way, as it’s believable.

Keep up the good work! :wink:

– Mitch

Wow, thanks Mitch! Actually, my art supplies are pretty limited. The only place that I can go to get sketch paper and colored pencils is Hobby Lobby. But I guess that’s what I get for living in such a small town. I have to go to the next town to buy stuff. xD And yeah, actually it’s the program I used to edit it that made it look like “sandpaper” I have no idea why it did that, but yeah, it looks cool anyways! Haha, and thanks! Believe it or not, that Flik & Dot picture was my second attempt at drawing Flik. xD I did most of my drawings on my new Adesso tablet. It’s a little harder to draw with, but it makes coloring easier. :unamused:

Thanks again! :smiley:

Ok, I’m running out of Pixar-related drawings but here’s the last few:

A humanized Lightning, supposed to be in one of my stories on, but I never finished it.

THIS is what happens when you’re bored in science class.

Ok, and I have a few more but their not done uploading on Photobucket yet. :unamused:

Really nice drawings. The first one is really cute, but the Btchick pic made me laugh :laughing:

Really nice drawings there, NikChick . Very nice work. :wink:

Lol, I know, thanks WON and Bill! I actually got inspired to do BatChick because I was flippin through Wikipedia one day, and found out that Chick was the dad on Herbie Fully Loaded, and Batman. :unamused:


Really nice NikChik. Keep it up!

Thanks TSS! Here’s a few more:

Wanna hold… Tires?

And this was my first drawing on my tablet (it’s more of a doodle, but bear with me.):

Ok, I have, like 3 more pixar-related pictures, then I’ll post the rest on non-pixar related art. kay? I’ll let ya’ll comment these before I put up the rest.

I can just say only one little word to those two pictures:

CUTE -^.^-

That’s great. Keep it up. :wink:

Thank you! #^__^#

Here’s the last ones (until I draw some more that is. Lol):

I really don’t like these, cuz I made them as big-headed, bug-eyed cartoons, but yeah… Here it is anyways.

Ok, this is a humanized LxS pic I drew for a story I wrote on I REALLY don’t like it cuz I made them look too young, but here it is.

And this is LxS ( S/A before) but in a different story (a sequel to the first, or second. I wrote 3 stories on this. xD)

And THIS is their triplets grown up. (Well not grown UP but older. See at the end of the last story they had triplets, so this is how I imagined them as about 5 or a little older. I was supposed to right a fourth story, but I never got around to it.)

You’ve got some lovely, colourful art there, NikChik! :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley:

Here’s some more I just uploaded:

and here’s a drawing that I did for an art contest on Drving Safety. This is just the ruff-draft, the colored version is a little blurry, but I might still put it on here.