No more "newt?"

Floyd Norman, Disney animator, commented in this blog that newt was dead… I was wondering why we hadn’t heard much about this lately… Could this be true?

I certainly hope not, because this was a concept I was really curious about when I first heard about it, a lot more than The Bear and the Bow. Personally, I still think it would be way too early to consider the film being scrapped, so unless there was some kind of large announcement from Gary Rydstrom I don’t know if I can be convinced by just the “dead” comment. Let’s not forget that Pixar has saved a lot of their films when they weren’t working and made them all great (Ratatouille may have been dead too if they didn’t have Brad Bird step in).

Pixar and dead just don’t go together.

I hope not. Newt is about “unlikable” animals, in this case amphibians, getting back from the brink. :frowning:

I hope not either, but I’m curious as to why we haven’t heard much from Newt the last few years, but have seen stuff from Bear and the Bow and Cars 2. Personally I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m just wondering what happened with Rydstrom. I hope this isn’t another Jan Pinkava/Chris Sanders moment.

I hope not either. Knowing that he’s been Pixar’s main sound guy since the early shorts, I would really want to see him make his feature debut. Besides, Lifted was hilarious.

Yeeeeah I’m gonna go cry in a corner now.

Yeah, I won’t be happy if it is really ‘dead’. As others have said, it sounded like such an intriguing concept and it isn’t like Pixar to let a film ‘die’ without trying lots of alternatives and figuring how to make it work. The concept doesn’t seem that flawed to me.

This was by far the one I was most looking forward to out of all the upcoming Pixar movies. It seemed like a great idea. Sad to see it go, if it’s true. :frowning: … -on-comin/

Yikes. I’m kinda sad if this was true. The concept sounded great!

Man, this is a utter disappointment! :cry:

One thing that really upsets me about hearing this is that even though Pixar says that they’re making Cars 2 and possibly a Monsters Inc. 2 they need to keep making more original stories and not just start doing sequels of their older films (and Newt’s quirky concept of mating seemed to be a winning idea). Until now Pixar had been coming up with a new story for each film, with their only sequel being Toy Story 2.

Now what’s Gary Rydstrom going to be doing?

That sucks. But then again, they had way too many films being developed right after one another. One of those films was bound to get sidetracked.

I hope this isn’t true. I would have loved to see Newt. The Bear and the Bow on the other hand, I couldn’t be any less interested in that film.

I think I will cry the day that this is officially confirmed :frowning:

:`-( I hope that this is not true. Newt was the one I was really interested in seeing, the stpry might be a bit ‘adult’ for a Pixar film, but they would have made it work. They already have a director, logo and an image. … _large.jpg

Well, here’s a sliver of hope from Honor Hunter of Blue Sky Disney:

He said it’s no longer the 2012 release… Didn’t say it was dead. So maybe it’s just on life support.

Seems likely. More development time is usually a good thing, imo.

I still don’t get why some of you guys are more interested in Newt over BatB. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still looking forward to Newt, but Pixar hasn’t done a medieval-ish fantasy before.

Nothing wrong with opinions. I don’t get why some of these people think newt is more interesting than Bear and the Bow myself, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

I’m on Team BatB. :wink:

I’ll be gutted if this film gets canned…seriously. Easily the Pixar film I’m most looking forward to , excluding Toy Story 3.

Chao- Well, I personally much prefer the general concept of Newt over The Bear and the Bow, because every time I think of The Bear and the Bow, I’m sort of reminded of Shrek- strong princess, fantasy-esque, etc. I’m sure it will end up being very different, knowing Pixar, but we really don’t know much about either film at the moment so it’s sort of a gut instinct as to which one might like more.

Huh. I would hope that it isnt getting the ax because I too found the basic premise of newt to be quite interesting, to say the least. It just seemed like something totally different. If it’s delayed I can live with that. They do have a lot on their plate, I was wondering how they would keep up with it all.