No more Reese Witherspoon on Brave?

We were told for years Reese would be playing Princess Merida (the main character of Brave), now sources are claiming Kelly Macdonald will be voicing her. I haven’t even been able to find anything from Reese on the switch. Does anyone have more information?

It’s strange coz according to IMBD, Reese is still voicing Merida, and theres nothing about Kelly MacDonald taking up the role. Either way, I think the film will be great, but your right, it’s odd theres no other news or conformation about the switch.

IMBD is not a valid source of info on movies not yet released. Remember before Toy Story 3, when they listed like five actors for twitch?

Yeah, I first saw it tweeted by Chris Chua, who is working on Brave, and Wikipedia now reflects the change.

entertainment weekly also mentioned this in an article this morning which included new concept art, so. i’m ~guessing it’s true.

unless someone here already mentioned that then i feel lame. D:

Yeah, EW confirmed it themselves. Witherspoon’s gone and Kelly Macdonald’s taking over due to “scheduling issues”

the information was oficially given today, it didn’t give IMDB enough time to update the new voice cast, however sometimes they are wrong on their information

All very interesting.

Y’know, it’d be pretty funny if they kept Witherspoon - then Pixar’s first female lead would have the same voice as Dreamwork’s first female lead!

I’m glad that they’re having a Scottish actress voice Merida.

yeah, when they first announced that Reese was going to voice Merieda I thought it was kinda strange. I’ve never seen Kelly MacDonald in anything, but at least she’s scottish, right? :laughing:

This kind of makes me sad. Authenticity is great, but part of me wanted Reese in a Disney or Pixar movie. I have no interest in this Scottish whatsername other than the fact that she’s in a Pixar movie.

Exactly! Why would they have Reese voice this ancient Scottish princess when they’re perfectly good Scottish actresses out there? I’m sorry, but if I’m going to a film about let’s say a Mexican in Mexico, I’d rather hear a Mexican accent then an Irish one. Same concept!

A Disney princess with a Scottish accent…that’s different.

But it sort of makes sense, since she’s from Scotland.

Its a pretty obvious decision, and it will make the character more distinctive.

I agree. I just thought that was a weird complaint. It’s natural for her to have a Scottish accent, since she’s Scottish. 8D Pixar is usually better about matching accents than Disney(but we haven’t had many chances to decide that, have we?).

No no, I hear it’s Emma Thompson currently.
So brave is a Scottish movie? or at least slightly celtic in some way? I saw the logo-- twisty knots mean Celtic guys

Yes, it’s Celtic.

It’s set on medieval Scotland.

I just hope they don’t ‘Americanise’ the protagonists like they did with Kung Fu Panda and Rio. :neutral_face:

I’m also wondering whether Craig Ferguson would be lending his voice after his stellar role in HTTYD.

Well, now that they changed the voice actress, there’s less danger of americanise her.

I’m familiar with Kelly MacDonald, from Trainspotting and No Country for Old Men. She also was announced like a year ago as Helena Ravenclaw in the last Harry Potter movie (and I don’t like her for that specific role). Nevertheless, she shall be a good Merida.