November 2009 Fan Commentary - A Bug's Life

The feature film fan commentary for the month of November will be A Bug’s Life. If you would like to commentate on A Bug’s Life and have not done a practice, send me your schedule for October 21 through October 31. The deadline for sending me these schedules is Oct 20 at 11:59pm New York time. Please be very specific in your schedules about when you can be on Skype to do a practice. Also, please indicate in this thread which short film you would like to practice on.

I’m all up for it! I’ve always wanted to try one of these commentaries out. Also, I believe this is the only Pixar film I haven’t seen fully for some reason, but I’ll watch it b4 the commentary :slight_smile:

EDIT: As for the short film commentary practise, I would like to do Luxo, Jr. because I haven’t seen anybody else do that one yet! :slight_smile:

Experienced commentators - You can do this practice too, even though you’ve already done a practice.

Is anybody else going to do the practise commentary, qxgnxamy?

DocKenobi said that if we end up needing more people to do the practice then he’ll try to find time to participate.

Do you have an estimate on when we’re doing the practise?

Rachel offered to join this practice, and these times work for her:

26 Oct at 23:00 UTC (2 hours to complete the practice)
27 Oct at 23:00 UTC (2 hours to complete the practice)
30 Oct at 23:00 UTC (2 hours to complete the practice)

That’s actually perfect for me! For those times and the 2 hr limit (I’ve only got that amount of time anyways)! For the dates, I’m ok with any of them (on Tuesday I might or might not be available till 1 hr after 23:00 UTC, but it’s most likely that I can do it on that day too), but I have to ask you, Are we still doing Luxo Jr as the short film? Other than that just tell me when you want to do it and I’d be happy I go! :slight_smile:

We’re still doing Luxo, Jr. as the short film. =) I’ll be ready to record the practice in about 1.5 hours, and the other two times as well.

Sure, I’d be fine for doing it today in about a few minutes, I just have one more question though (I hope I’m not pestering you). Could I possibly watch the short film through YouTube on my iTouch? This is because it runs more smoothly than on my computer, I do have the short on VHS, but the VCR is in another room in the house and I don’t know how to bring it into the room with the computer. (Same thing also happens when I’m viewing a QuickTime video on either iTunes or QuickTime player it keeps slowing down)

Watching the short on your iTouch is fine. Whatever works. =)

Ok, that’s cool then! :slight_smile: I’ll be ready to do it around 24:00 UTC if you and Rachel, don’t mind.

Thanks for lettin’ me be a part of the practice! =)

Jordy and I talked about it and it’s fine to upload both of the Luxo Jr. and For the Birds practices. :slight_smile:

Here are the latest practice commentaries. Luxo Jr., For the Birds.

I am now accepting schedules from commentators (who have done a practice) who want to commentate on A Bug’s Life. The deadline for sending me your schedules is November 10 at 11:59 PM New York time. In your schedules please be very specific about what times you can be on Skype to do the commentaries.

movieman369, thewisecookiesheet and totoro - There are two times in November when we can record the A Bug’s Life commentary.

November 15 at 20:30 (2.5 hours to complete the commentary)
November 22 at 20:30 (2.5 hours to complete the commentary)

However I won’t be available during the first time. It’s better if we have two chances to record the commentary, so one of you should do the recording on November 15. Here’s some free Skype recording software: Call Graph. If you have any questions about Call Graph, please ask Rachel (I don’t have any experience using Call Graph).

I may not be able to do the commentary on Sunday, because I might have a lot of homework to catch up on that day because I was sick for the last two days.

I’ll wait until thewisecookiesheet and totoro decide if they’re able to do it, though.

In theory I could do it tomorrow, but if we’re gonna be one commentator short, I think we should postpone the session.

Yeah, I won’t be able to do it tomorrow. I’m at my grandparents, we’re celebrating my sister’s birthday, and I forgot my mic at home.

Next week should be good since I’ll be at my dad’s.

And Peter, when are we going to finish up the TS2 commentary? Should we do it after ABL if LaD can get on? I’m cool if we can pull that plan off.

Yay! I get to do a commentary in the right month! Whoot! :smiley:

TWCS, we’re waiting for you right now to finish recording the TS2 commentary. =)