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I am painfully aware that I’ve really never posted in this area. I guess it’s because I love Pixar so much and I’m so very proud of my love of Pixar that I don’t think much about showing you guys my Non-Pixar-y stuff. But because we Pixar fans usually have similar tastes, and it’s almost the new year, I’ve decided to dump all and any of my non-Pixar art and graphics right here for your enjoyment! Right now, you’re most likely to see lots of:
Wreck-It Ralph
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Gravity Falls
Star Wars
…and a whole lotz of other stuff!
I probably won’t post here a whole lot; only when I have something I think you’ll all like! So, to start off… a little touch of Wreck-It Ralph!
disney.go.com/create/art/2gs11k6 … 0-g-dea59c
Yes, I did this as a Christmas greeting, but it works for winter in general, right? It took about a week and it wasn’t an easy task drawing four characters in one picture, especially when they’re all crazy detailed with the shading and their new winter outfits. Plus, I had to figure out how to shade snow correctly. Of course, it’s not actually snow; it’s vanilla and peppermint ice cream (which game it takes place in should be obvious). I had a lot of ideas on how to make a literal Peppermint Winter (it’s an Owl City song… :smiley:), but I’m just not that good with objects and scenery; and I’m quite aware of it. But it was a lot of fun to make and come up with! I almost gave the two teams health bars and points, but it disturbed the art, plus, I couldn’t figure out who would be winning – Ralph and Vanellope or Felix and Calhoun! So if anyone has any tips on how the drawing could be improved, I’d appreciate it, although I’m currently not as open to contructive criticsm, as this is my style and I’m aware of most of my mistakes. Hope you enjoy!

Wreck-It-Ralph! :smiley:

Haha, looks okay to me. The faces need a little work, try to make 'em look more round and three-dimensional. Also I would’ve liked to see a version with the health bars and points, but I can understand how it distracts from the piece.

You a One Direction fan? Interesting works, do you have a dA account?

So far, only one comment… thanks anyway, TDIT! And yeah, the faces could use some work, but as I’d said, I have a particular style and most of my mistakes I’m aware of. Hmm… maybe I’ll do one version with the scene entirely in pixels or maybe I’ll try and do emulate it in the Nintendo 64-style 3D of Sugar Rush so then I can incorporate the real “video game” effect :smiley:
And on the subject of 1D… I actually haven’t heard much of their stuff for some reason. I’m sure they’re talented, though. I admit when it comes to boy bands, I’m still stuck in the Jonas Brothers era 8D And I still have no dA account… I’ll try and get it out before too long, hopefully; just a bit busy and a little nervous about joining such a big art community.

Ah, I say One Direction, because you drew a picture of them in your collection - so I assumed you were a fan. Well, I look forward to your 3-D style, it sounds interesting.

Also, dA can be quite scary (and believe me, there are some really weird folks drawing strange things there), but most artists there are really friendly and extremely talented. I mean, like, Boss-level kind of talented, they will both inspire and humiliate you at the same time. :slight_smile:

Whenever you’re ready, start small (you can look me up and ‘watch’ me, hint hint), and keep at it, and soon you’ll have your own legion of adoring fans (which is far from what I can say for myself, haha).

Thanks for the heads-up about dA, TDIT. I’ll hopefully get around to getting an account up soon. And yeah, I’ve attempted a game-style 3D before but didn’t do a very believable job, but maybe I’ll further improve this year. And on the 1D subject… whut?? :confused: I haven’t drawn anything 1D-related (though I probably will at some point due to requests)! I think I’ll repost my link anyway, but the thing is that there are two menus on an artist page: one for shared (the user’s created) art and one for favorite art. I may have something in my faves that looked like 1D or something. But no big :slight_smile: It makes more sense why you’d asked me that to start with!
For everyone else, here’s my Create Artist Page

Okeyday, it’s long overdue for me to get this thread updated! I’ve chosen what I think is my best art I’ve done on Create this past month to post. I don’t have a lot of viewers on this thread right now, so that’s why I haven’t updated a whole lot lately. So… where to start?
How about something for all the WIR and Despicable Me fans? (If there are any DM fans here… I’m hoping so!)

This was a result of my recently-acquired love for Wreck-It Ralph and Despicable Me. All I really did was trace the WIR Digital Painter’s Sugar Rush character stamps, make a few adjustments, and then spent an excruciating week coloring and shading it. It was a lot of fun to make despite it was challenging, and it’s probably the best shading I’ve done all year. I think it turned out awesomely!
Next up are some MLP-based drawings I’ve put together. I love having fun with this style because, while drawing in the style can be difficult, it requires minimal shading and in turn, it takes me less time to complete. And I absolutely love drawing other characters as Ponies!

I did this originally for a friend’s drawing challenge, but it ended before I could finish the drawing. But I couldn’t help but want to keep this! I drew two of my all-time fave singers, Owl City and tobyMac, as MLPs! …I hope this won’t offend them…

Here’s a request I completed for some Lion King MLPs. It was my first Create drawing of the year, actually. I love the way the background turned out! Though I still wish I could’ve come up with better cutie marks…

So… obviously, I haven’t drawn much in my own style so far. If only I could draw faster on Create! But at least I’ve got some WIP drawings on Create that should be finished soon. Oh, and assuming I get my dA before long, there’ll be even more art that I’ve never posted! Stay tuned…
And remember, I’d appreciate some tips and tricks if you have any, but I’d rather have less constructive critcism at the moment, especially considering that none of these are done in my usual drawing style. Hope you guys enjoy!

Wow, that’s a pretty good crossover with Despicable Me and WIR. I saw a pic on Tumblr the other day which compared Vanellope to Agnes. I think the former has the latter’s appearance, but Margo’s wit and cynicism.

Oh, and ponified musicians! Yes! Although I can’t say I’m familiar with TobyMac, I’m a fan of Adam Young/Owl City. His songs are sweet-dreams fuel to listen to before going to sleep, not to mention he’s sung the credit themes to two of my favourite animate films - Legend Of The Guardians and Wreck-It-Ralph. :mrgreeen:

The Lion King one’s not bad, how did you do the leaves? Like you noticed, the cutie marks are a bit uninspired. But it’s kinda difficult to define the characters’ talents or personalities in a symbol anyway, since they’re lions! I take it that’s (from left) Simba, Nala, Pumbaa and Timon?

Nothing to criticise, other than you should vary your poses more and get them to do something interesting, rather than just standing around. A great way to make a character appealing is to present him/her to the viewer doing something that reveals his/her personality.

Examples (you can search them on dA to view in high-res):

Jazz - Sibsy (an MLP storyboard artist and Pixar Boom! comic artist)

Ending Harmony Like A Boss - mickeymonster (observe the background characters’ reactions)

Grem - Metalikfairy

Hiccup and Toothless - bluelink

Also, I got a question: How do you draw pony vectors? Did you do in Create, or Illustrator? I want to draw pony vectors, but I’m terrible at getting a hang of Illustrator (I prefer a pen and paper).

I’m back! With more random arts! :3
Actually, I was never gone… I just haven’t had enough responses here to really want to post on this thread much. But nevertheless, I do have a handfull of my drawings that I consider some of the best I’ve done this past month! They’re all Create drawings right now. No deviantArt account yet… if only I could get of Create long enough to finish my dA self-portrait! But once I get one up, you’ll be the first to know.
TDIT: Thanks for the advice! I really appreciated that you used visual examples, especially considering what awesome drawings they are! The drawings in this post aren’t really my best examples of making my characters’ poses and expressions more dynamic, but I’ve been working on improving that offline. The MLP drawings were both done with Create Apps (which is how I got the leaf border on the LK one). For offline projects I use my “Imitation Photoshop”, GIMP 2, to get those outlines right.
Now, on with my newest stuff! I’m linking you to them this time so that this page doesn’t take forever to load.

Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars
This was for a friend’s request and wasn’t my easiest project. Mostly because I had little reference to work with for the Season 3 and beyond look (I only own the first two seasons so far). I also thought it would be a good way for me to try and draw more dynamic poses, like TDIT suggested. It’d probably would’ve helped if her eyes were looking to a different direction, but by the time I’d realized that I’d drawn it like my characters’ usual expressions, it was too late. Otherwise, I’m very proud of the shading and this drawing overall! It actually made Create’s Featured Art a couple of weeks ago :slight_smile:

Adorable Felhoun Pic <3
For Valentine’s Day, I was determined to at least draw one picture of one of my fave couples on Create, and if I had to choose one, I wanted to do Felix and Calhoun! I actually started and finished this in literally a couple of hours. The all-color sketch style was based off this doodle I did of Mater and Holley early last year. It’s a little off-scale, but that tends to be a problem with their height differences. And figuring how to try them wasn’t easy either; I didn’t want to spoil a scene from the film, so I had to improvise something. The end result is still one of my fave drawings of the year so far.

My Style Perry from P&F
Disney was doing a “Draw Perry” challenge for Platypus Day this year, soooo… I decided to, instead of drawing Perry normally, I would draw him the way I usually draw animals! I did a really cheap shading job on it, but I think he turned out pretty cute. I could’ve done a more interesting pose, but well, the original joke was that a normal P&F-style Perry was staring at mine and thought “That’s supposed to be me? That doesn’t look a thing like me!”, and Create didn’t approve it for some reason. So I just salvaged the Perry in my style and stuck Agent P stamps all over it :slight_smile:

My Sugar Rush Racer, Magikari
My friend was having a contest to create your own Sugar Rush Racer, and I quickly came up with the perfect SR OC… Magikari Choconut! She’s based off of Magic Cookie Bars, Which is a combination of chocolate chips, coconut, grahm crackers, condensed milk, and chopped nuts in the form of a bar cookie! I had a fun time trying to come up with that perfect “Select Your Character” pose and making a unique Racer that resembles the style of the game. I’m looking forward to drawing her more elsewhere!

Marinara Flipbook!
Here’s a little treat for you guys. Now, I’ve been interested in learning animation for some time now, and using Disney’s flipbook app is as close as I’ve come to actually animating. This is my first flipbook this year – my MLP OC, Marinara, galloping! Unfortunately, what was a decent run cycle seems to be freezing in the middle frame when I view it now. Maybe it’s different on your systems? IDK… but I managed to finish this in about an hour! I’ve done other drawings of Marinara on my page if anyone wants to see! And maybe I’ll finally get the hang of this animating thing before long!

So that’s it for this post! But once I get my dA, I’ll post more in this thread from both sites. If you have any advice on how I could do better, I’d appreciate it best in the form of a visual example. I’m well aware of the majority of my mistakes anyway, and even though I’ve made it a goal of mine to improve a little on something with every public drawing I do, it’s also a big goal of mine that every drawing I post make someone, somewhere, smile! :smiley:

Love the Ahsoka pic! Great job!

OMG the ponies and Wreck It/Despicable girls are so cute!

Aww, you’re really talented!! Love them ponies!

Loving the Sugar Rush OC! Keep up the epic sweetness! :smiley: <3

Awww thank you all so much, JSWeC, IV, Leirin, and Bonanna! Hugs I’m glad that my art made you smile! So, it’s the end of the month and it’s time for me to round up my newest random art! I haven’t drawn a whole bunch this past month really… things have been crazy busy for me and I haven’t actually had access to my own computer for a while (This means that the drawings you’ll see here were drawn with a mouse, which is not my usual tool, and on a different monitor, which may mean the colors may come off odd-looking on your computer). So as you can guess, that would mean that I still don’t have that dA account yet or those Non-Pixar graphics up either. Just to add, I did do one Pixar art piece, but it wasn’t exactly my most impressive drawing, so I won’t post on that thread until I have some nicer drawings to add to it. But I have been doing some nice stuff in the world of everything else, or at least Disney, Star Wars, and Dreamworks…
Obi-Wan Kenobi: TCW Season 5-Style
I’m so glad I’ve been drawing more Star Wars stuff lately. I had the opportunity to do some more as a fan of mine was having a contest to draw your favorite SW character. From the short little thing I wrote on this pic, I explained, in a nutshell, why I chose Obi-Wan (and I do try and make it clear that he’s not the only favorite charrie of mine). Once I get me a dA I’ll have plenty more room to geek out over Star Wars and its awesome characters! Anyway, I referenced my drawing from the Season 5 episode Bound For Rescue. My intention was to draw an actual screencap, buuuut I only had access to a 2-minute preview and I couldn’t get much. While this is also sorta lacking in the “dynamic and interesting pose/expression” department and the lightsaber doesn’t look nearly as nice as the one I did for Ahsoka, it’s possibly the most detailed SW drawing I’ve ever done and some of my best shading. And that’s saying something, considering I’m drawing SW-related stuff multiple times a week every other day… :mrgreen:
Disney Princess-style Isabella from P&F
As I explained on the picture, back in 2010 when I was determined to actually draw well, I thought it’d be fun to mess around with the Disney Princess style and turn various characters as Princesses! I’d started with Isabella from Phineas and Ferb. And boy, that picture was all kinds of poorly-drawn! Yet, people still liked it! So all these years later, Create made a Disney Princess-themed digital painter, and I decided to redo all those old drawings I did, and make some new ones! I must say, to me, this style can be extremely difficult; I’m hoping that with more practice I’ll do even better in the future, but in comparison to the original drawing, it turned out really awesomely! I had a lot of fun adapting her normal outfit into royal dress :smiley:
Bunnymund Sketch + Easter Greeting
I love doing holiday-themed drawings and cards on Create. Last year I did one with the lamb from Boundin’, so since last year’s was Pixar, this year’s is Dreamworks :slight_smile: I was straining my brain trying to figure out what I could draw and the answer ended up being Rise Of The Guardians, which actually takes place around Easter! I ended up doing a blue single-color sketch (similar to the Felhoun one I did), which I think is a pretty good likeness of him even if the shading is kinda off. And yes, if you’ve seen ROTG, you’ll get the references I’m making in the message. Anyway, the card isn’t limited to just my Create friends and fans, my PixarPlanet friends should get it too! (And even if you don’t like ROTG, at least you gotta like bunnies, right?)
So I hope you guys enjoy the art! I’d appreciate any tips and tricks you can supply – just less constructive criticism, since I’m already aware of the bugs in my art. I am on a Pinkie Pie mission to make my friends smile, smile, smile with my art! :mrgreen:

I really liek your style.

Well, thanksies, IV! And now, after drawing a whole bunch the last few months, I’ve got a nice dump of non-Pixar art for everyone’s enjoyment! I’ll try to make the stories short…

Mabel Pines (of Gravity Falls) Riding a Certain NightFury…
This was intended as a gift for a friend of mine on Create who I hadn’t seen in over a year. While I know that Toothless isn’t quite movie-accurate, it was my first go at him. But overall, I’m pleased with it! The idea alone was so hilarious, I couldn’t resist spending as long as I did on it! And I gather my friend really likes it, as we’re both huge fans of HTTYD and Gravity Falls :slight_smile:

MLP’s AppleJack in My Style
As you may or may not know, my official introduction to Friendship Is Magic came out of a request for Rarity, which I drew in my style two years ago. Since then, I’ve drawn requests for my style Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy, but this one of AJ was the first one since I started watching MLP. If you draw (or have attempted to draw) horses, you know they’re pretty tricky to do, so AppleJack took some serious time and analyzing horse anatomy to perfect, and if you compare it to my previous my style MLPs, she’s a little more realistically built. Still have to work on it, but doing ponies in my style is always a fun request to fill!

My WIR Sugar Rush OC, Magikari, in “3D”
Remember how I mentioned I was experimenting with an imitation CG videogame look? This is my most recent attempt at it. You also may remember my Sugar Rush charrie here. I just really felt like trying the style out again and doing it with Magikari :slight_smile: It’s not exact, but it definitely gives a bit of the 3D illusion, I think!

My Best DM2 Gru Drawing Ever…
So as soon as I saw Despicable Me 2, I knew I’d have to make some art as soon as humanly possible. After taking some time looking through clips, TV spots, and the DM Tumblr, I finally found a screencap I wanted to draw! It may not be as awesome and realistic as the dA art I’ve seen on the official DM site, but it’s probably the most time-consuming and hard-worked-on drawing I’ve made all year. Online or otherwise. I colored and shaded every square inch of this guy a little at a time. And with a laptop touchpad (I am soooo thankful I have a tablet now…). I love this drawing like crazy and am very proud of it, and hope to see if there’s room on the DM site for this awesome piece :slight_smile:

Humanized Planes: Dusty Crophopper and El Chupacabra
Upon seeing Planes, and even before seeing it, I absolutely knew I’d have to humanize the characters, just like I do for the Cars characters. It took some time to make a final decision on the way these two would look like, but once I came up with something (and made doubly sure they didn’t resemble Lightning and Francesco too much), it all came together quickly. And I absolutely adore this drawing. You can tell I’m improving with my shading and human anatomy (especially on guys, which are trickier for me than girls).If only I could’ve jazzed up the background a bit more, but give me a break! It was already fairly difficult to make the clouds themselves! So in the long run, this is probably another one of my favorite drawings I’ve done all year. Now, to do all the other characters…

So I hope you enjoy this little lineup of art! Again, I appreciate any tips you can give me, but I’d really prefer not to get any criticism. I’m aware of my flubs and I’m working to fix them! And above all, I want to make you guys smile with my art :smiley:

An update just to let you know I now have a dA! I’m pretty sure none of these old links work anymore, but stay tuned! As they are reposted I will update all the links! Until then, enjoy my art both Pixar-y and not-so-Pixar-y right here the-sparkly-spycar.deviantart.com/