October 2009 Fan Commentary - Toy Story 2

The feature film fan commentary for the month of October will be Toy Story 2. If you would like to commentate on Toy Story 2 and have not done a practice, send me your schedule for September 21 through September 30. The deadline for sending me these schedules is September 20 at 11:59pm New York time. Please be very specific in your schedules about when you can be on Skype to do a practice. Also, please indicate in this thread which short film you would like to practice on.

I would like to commentate this movie.

I think I’d be willing to do this. I’m not 100% though with school, it might pick up. If I can keep my classes in line, I’d definitely like to be included. :wink:

Figures I’d lose my Toy Story 2 DVD. Maybe the next one.

I’m in the same boat as ffdude1906. I am interested in doing the commentary but I will have to see what is going on with school at the time.

Add me to that list along with ffdude1906 and Hannahmation as I’m not entirely sure concerning the academic timetable!

Ditto everyone else! :laughing:

I am now accepting schedules from commentators (who have done a practice) who want to commentate on Toy Story 2. The deadline for sending me your schedules is October 10 at 11:59 PM New York time. In your schedules please be very specific about what times you can be on Skype to do the commentaries.

I’m gonna have to wait a while before I can give you a schedule, I’m gonna be a bit busy for the rest of this week, and some of next week. On top of that, I might have to quit my job soon, so that’ll change my schedule (for the better, regarding time for the commentary). I’ll let you know as soon as I have a solid idea of what I can do.

This is just a reminder that there’s only about four days left to send me a schedule if you want to commentate on Toy Story 2. Most people seem to be busy with school, but I can try to find times to do the commentary during the limited amount of free time you have.

My schedule for Toy Story 2 is essentially what’s left of the schedule for Finding Nemo after that one is wrapped up.

So, is there any news on when the commentary will take place?

totoro and LightningAndDoc - thewisecookiesheet said that she can commentate on November 1, but it would have to be two hours later (in Texas), so how does this time look to you? TS2 is about 1.5 hours long, and I think that’s about as much time as we’ll have.

I think it’s a little too close for my taste, I would prefer to have a bit of buffer time.
If we absolutely must do it then, that’s OK, but I prefer an earlier time, if possible.
Saturdays and Sundays between 13:00 UTC to 23:00 UTC is normally fine for me, so I would prefer if we shift it by one more week, if that means we can start earlier.

If we shift it by one more week, that’s ok with me. I’d prefer to do it on Saturday November 7 instead of Sunday November 8, though. How does this time work for everyone?

7 Nov at 19:30 UTC

No problem whatsoever.

I don’t see a problem with Nov. 7th either.

Hey guys, I’ve got some great news!

  1. Band is over.

  2. We have a Thursday football game this week!


November 7th won’t be a problem.

I’m so sorry, but I probably won’t be able to show up for the commentary tonight.
I am pretty tired right now, so I’ll likely go to bed early.
If you feel like going ahead anyway, no problem.
There’ll certainly be another opportunity for me to record a commentary for TS2.

Oh crud, today is the 7th, isn’t it? I thought the 7th was Sunday. Thanks for pointing it out totoro.

I can’t do the commentary at the designated time, but I can 5 hours later! :confused: I’m going to a drumline competition today and we need to be at the school in an hour.

But I do have all day tomorrow open.