Official Movie Scripts

As the Oscar season approaches, there are many awards sites which have ‘For Your Consideration’ screenplays. Disney is no exception, and as we found out earlier this Fall, the WALL•E script is available for download.


But, we already know that. Curious, I Googled for the Ratatouille script. And here it is:


On the same site, but with ratatouille_script in place of wall-e_script. These are PDF’s, but for those who want it, if you Google ‘Ratatouille Script’, you can access the HTML versions too. So for all of the Ratatouille fans out there, enjoy!


That is really cool, I am definitely going to read the Ratatouille script. I have found the scripts for 21 of this years films, here are the links below:

Warner Bros. - [url][/url]
The Dark Knight
Gran Torino

Paramount Vantage - [url][/url]
The Duchess
Revolutionary Road

Walt Disney Studios - [url][/url]

Universal Pictures - [url][/url]

Overture Films - [url][/url]
The Visitor
Last Chance Harvey

Miramax Films - [url][/url]

Focus Features - [url][/url]
Burn After Reading

Paramount Pictures - [url][/url]
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Kung Fu Panda

The Weinstein Company - [url][/url]
The Reader
Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Sony Pictures Classics - [url][/url]
Rachel Getting Married
I’ve Loved You So Long
Frozen River

Thanks for posting it up. I can’t wait to read it. I hope they realease one for each Pixar Film

I downloaded the WALL•E script a few weeks ago, but never got around to downloading the Ratatouille one. Thanks for that C-3PO. Good to find out the Ratatouille script wasn’t taken down yet.

wow! apparently these are everywhere! never knew…
cool, i’ve always wanted to see these scripts. I love some of the descriptions they have for scenes and such… very cool!! thanx!!

I never knew either! I never realized they were available to get for free. The Beatles scripts I have you had to pay for. (Of course, these are physical scripts that you can touch, not ones that I downloaded)

Hello everyone, I’m studying animation at the moment and one of my home works is to find every Pixar featured and short films, any ideas on where to find them? Or maybe someone here can help me
I’ve found so far
Toy Story
Toy Story 3
and thanks for the Wall-E and the Ratatouille one.
So I’m still missing a lot, somebody please help!
Thank you very much!