Official Pixar Planet Happy Birthday Thread

This thread is for anyone who wishes to wish their fellow board members a happy birthday! Our board is getting so large that to give each member their own thread is taking up a lot of space.

In the future, please keep all birthday wishes right here.

Thank you, and happy birthday!

A most ingenious idea, KE! I’m surprised that no one thought of it before. :slight_smile:

– Mitch

Awesome, definitely will have much less clutter now. nod

Great idea, Kyrie! Like Mitch said, I’m surprised this hasn’t been thought of sooner. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea KE. Very smart. Now we shall have a lot more room on the forums.

Well, I really like the idea of everyone having their own birthday thread since it makes them feel… special, I guess. But if the birthday threads clutter up the boards, then maybe this is the best way.

Rachel: I know what you mean, but I never felt special. I just felt that people wanted to just up their post counts, because even those who hated me wished me a happy birthday. It felt … well, phony. (no pun intended :laughing: )

Not like those who hate me won’t wish me a happy birthday now that it’s compiled, anyways.

Yeah I have to go with Rachelcakes on this one. I felt special and it made me happy to know that someone cared enough to make me a thread. I mean, how often does someone make a thread about you? Probably almost never outside of your birthday. But I’m not the one running this show so if you feel it’s better to economize then I dont have much choice in that.

Ditto on lennonluvr9.

The first birthday wish for this thread…

Happy birthday, uruseiranma! =)

Happy birthday to uruseiranma and Sid Philips! :smiley:

– Mitch

Happy birthday, uruseiranma and Sid Philips! :smiley:

Uh, I understand how this can clean up some clutter…but I liked it better when everyone had their own personal birthday thread. [No offense.]

How about this? Every time it’s a different member’s b-day, someone add that member’s name to the title ASAP. That way, it can make that person at least feel special. Some people might not realize this thread exists, and on their b-day, expect a b-day thread, and be depressed to find nothing… :confused:

Have a rockin’ b-day, uruseiranma and Sid Phillips! :smiley:

uruseiranma and Sid Philips: Have a wonderful birthday you guys.

Happy Birthdays, uruseiranma and Sid Philips!

That’s why it’s been stickied. In fact, rather than letting someone’s birthday thread fall to the second page, this thread is now easier for everyone to find.

Yeah, sure I’m going to miss having my own birthday thread, too, but this’ll be better in the long run.

Happy birthday, AJD08! :smiley: I know you might not be around much on here, but I hope you have a good birthday nonetheless. :laughing:

Have a wonderful birthday, AJD08! :smiley:

– Mitch

Happy birthday, AJD08! =)

AJD08, have a terrific birthday! :smiley: Get out there and celebrate it!

Also, knowing that there were some birthdays I missed (because there’s one every day, and there’s not a daily post here), Happy b-day to you, anyone I missed (you know who you are).