Other than Finding dory...

I wonder if we could ever get a short, or maybe a full adventure with Gill or the others in the tank, For example… Cause you have shorts of toy story <3 but, it would be cool to see other shorts :smiley:

Absolutely! Shorts would be awesome! After all, I’m still curious as how the Tank Gang managed to get out of those baggies… :slight_smile:

If Pixar wanted to do it/could have done it, they would’ve done it a long time ago, possible in tandem with Finding Nemo. The fact that they haven’t means there’s probably not enough good story/gags/jokes to make it worthwhile. All I can think of is how the Tank gang realizes that life in the ocean is so much different from what they imagined, being in a tank all their life and how they’re like fishes out of water (WHEYYYYYYYYY!)

I want to see more of the Gill and the Tank Gang. And Nigel! And Darla! And the sharks!

Heck, star 'em all!

I think some Tank Gang shorts would have been amusing. There were enough characters there with different enough personalities that they could have done a few on them. I too wonder whatever became of them

Well, maybe there can be a small peak of what happened to them in Finding Dory, though it seems unlikely that the story would take us with them again. But what do we know at this early point?