Other Toy Story Toys

ITT: We post interesting Toy Story toys over the years. I’ll start:

(source: coroflot.com/lisatemming/col … hion-dolls) This the “Dream Halloween HollyWoody” doll signed by John Lasseter and was sold at an auction.

Power Boost Buzz Lightyear was manufactured by Mattel and was released in 1998. What’s interesting about this figure is the spaceship box it comes with. The only downside is that its 9 inches tall. :neutral_face:

Finally (a figure I actually own 8D ), this is the Buzz Lightyear telephone released by Brooktel sometime after the first Toy Story. It comes with a light up feature for the “fire” under the rocket’s thrusters to alert the user of an incoming call.

What are some cool toys you’ve found?

I know I wanted others to contribute but I couldn’t help myself!

This may seem like an special edition Jessie Room Guard from Thinkway, but it really was made to commemorate Jessie’s induction into the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in 2000. The doll was inspired by this picture:

(source: Pixar)

This is the Ultra Buzz Wake Up System. It’s basically a 12" Buzz Lightyear figure made to be an alarm clock. Ultra Buzz was originally supposed to serve the role of Utility Belt Buzz in Toy Story 2.

(another figure I actually own 8D)
This is the Infinity Edition Buzz Lightyear. It’s a repaint of the Buzz in this video: [url]- YouTube
The interesting part is that he comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and his wrist communicator has a button that plays various phrases and sounds. During the “Toy Story and Beyond” line during the 2000s, this Buzz was used as a mascot on some of the products. For example:

Good eye, looks like they also used the Poseable Woody as well, judging by how rigid he is:

I think a lot of people overestimate his rarity on account of the fact that this variety was discontinued after the initial run sold out (before the movie even came out), and was replaced by the rag doll we all know and love. I’ve actually came across this figure three times (spending no more than $30 each time). Twice was locally. It’s also worth noting that the colors on the doll are accurate and true to the movie, but seem to be prone to fading; I only have one mint Woody that’s in that shape. The yellow becomes tan, the red becomes maroon, and the jeans become washed out.

The Mattel Woody was also the overseas answer to the Toy Story Collection around the time of Toy Story 3:

While the Toy Story Collection probably wins out, the Mattel Woody is worthy alternative. Features accurate matte orange spurs and belt buckle, missing phrases from the TSC, and the facial expression improves upon the odd open-mouth expression people have commented that the TSC Woody has.

Yeah the Original Poseable Woody was quickly recalled due to his wires and extended spurs being a hazard to children at the time. I actually came across this Woody twice, one in excellent condition from a thrift store (which I ended up giving away to a younger cousin) and another on Amazon for around $60.00. The one in the Toy Story and Beyond ad is most likely the second edition judging by the amount of stuffing in his torso.

Wasn’t there a rumor that the Mattel Woody had the waterhole line? Anyway, I feel that the Mattel Jessie beats the Thinkway version in terms of accuracy:
Her only problem is the size of the pull-string but she pretty much captures Jessie’s screen appearance.

I’m actually not sure who manufactured this Buzz, but its only interesting feature is the box. The box however isn’t very accurate one you reach the back:
The figure itself is just a shiny repaint, nothing special.

Yeah, the expression on that Jessie really suits the character well. The only thing that the Thinkway figure has done that hasn’t been matched is the yarn hair.

The Mattel Woody has only 7 phrases, but includes all of Woody’s phrases from the movies. Quality of quantity - this is probably the closest we got (though as the Prospector’s box suggests, the Roundup Gang may have 9 phrases).
weeklyactionreview.blogspot.com/ … lking.html
While missing the “I’d like to join your posse” line, this was added after Toy Story 3.

Also, that Buzz must be extremely rare; I’ve never seen him before. I can only wonder why the Spaceship Box has never been capitalized on (with those two exceptions) prior to the Toy Story Collection. It was one of the more memorable aspects of the toy in the movie after all.

It seems like toy companies just wanted to capitalize on Buzz and Woody’s appeal rather than put as much effort into the box. I guess their logic was that most kids won’t even pay any mind to the box. I have some more pictures of rare Japanese Buzz Lightyear action figures that weren’t released in the west, but I’ll post them eventually. Well without further ado…

Kind of minor but there appears to be two variants of Chrome Buzz Lightyear from the original Toy Story action figure line. The first one has the red corners from the first wave while the second variant matches the rest of wave 2.

This is from Mattel’s “Toy Story” line (the same one with power Boost Buzz) in 1998. The Buzz action figures in this line, for whatever reason, had golden head variants that matched this Buzz’s head:

These are some seriously fantastic toys! I adore these unique variants of these guys :slight_smile: That signed red carpet Woody is especially awesome! Dare I even ask how much it went for? Speaking of, I’d have to hunt down the photos, but I recall DisneyStore releasing a special edition Woody, Jessie, and I think Buzz very akin to the style of that one, except Woody wore black, Jessie had glitter, and I think Buzz might’ve been silvery, but I might be getting confused…

Not sure how much the HollyWoody went for but since it was signed by John Lasseter and that it was a limited release, it might have gone for an arm and a leg.

For the limited editions, do you mean these?:

I remember being low on cash when Woody and Buzz came out, I’m not as interested in them now. The Jessie’s box reminds me of the Young Epoch full color version but the glitter habit Disney Store has on their LE dolls ruined it for me. To each their own, I guess. :confused:

^Yeah those are the ones. I probably wouldn’tve bought them myself, but they were still pretty cool to me; I’m guilty I love glitter XD

Well, time for another addition of “Other Toy Story Toys”!

Another addition of Mattel’s 1998 Toy Story line. The odd thing about this figure, according to some ebay descriptions, was that it wasn’t sold in stores. Rather, this figure was only able to be bought through a mail-in order. I wonder if it was some kind of promotion…

Next up, repaints!

source: [url]http://gappy.55poron.com/toys/image/ActionFigure[/url]
These two Anti-Buzz figures are from different toy lines: the left is from “Alien Zone” (haven’t heard of until now) and the other if from “Rocket Force”. The Rocket Force variant comes with a shield in addition to the figure.

This is the Strummin’ Singin’ Woody doll produced by Mattel in 1999 with the release of Toy Story 2. On the front, everything seems normal for a Woody doll (the only downside is that instead of a pull-string, it has a guitar that sings 3 different songs).
On the back:

The prototype Woody’s head is very different. It matches the Tumblin’ Talkin’ Woody doll’s head.

I guess they decided to scrap the prototype head before release. This isn’t the first and the last time a toy company did this for the toys. Compare the two TSC Woody’s design:

…I honestly prefer the prototype’s head for this one. It looks closer to Woody’s neutral position in the movie.

Ah, Anti Buzz. There’s been a persisting rumor that he was one of the choices for a villain for Buzz in the first Toy Story (ultimately being replaced by Zurg). There’s been no evidence for this, though (unless someone found concept art for him). For the Toy Story 2 line, it seems they kept the same mold, but modified him into a minion of Zurg.

The Anti-Buzz looks awesome. I almost want to see him show up in a Toy Story Toon or special or something… :slight_smile: And oh my goodness, the prototype TSC Woody is super-impressive! I think both versions look great, but wow! I still can’t believe I haven’t furthered my Toy Story collection since I got my “movie-size” Rex… but not the point.

I always thought that Anti-Buzz was a part of an episode in Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, but he wasn’t. :frowning:

Anyways, Happy [slightly late] Independence Day!

Here we have two variants of Thinkway’s original Woody and Buzz:

The “Stars & Stripes” toys are made to capture the patriotic spirit of the duo. The toys fall under the “Toy Story and Beyond” toy line made to try to keep the Toy Story gang relevant during the 2000s.

These are the Holiday Hero Woody and Buzz toys from Mattel released sometime in 1998. Woody’s outfit was designed by the same person who designed the “Dream Halloween HollyWoody” doll. The Buzz figure comes with a little mistletoe that is meant to be stuck on the top of his helmet. Personally, I feel the Holiday Hero toys did a better job in tying the characters with the holiday.

Lastly, this is another Christmas-themed Buzz figure released in Japan only under the Toy Story and Beyond line. Interestingly, like the shiny Buzz in the spaceship box, this was also made for the Tokyo Disney Resort. I wonder if anyone here knows about it…

I think I’m going to take a break from posting constantly in this thread in order to give others a chance to share their findings. It would be a shame to have one side rambling on cool obscurities alone.

there was a 5 and a half inch tall purple and grsay buzz lightyear out there. i had it, and it was on ebay

DOES ANYONE KNOW THE YEAR OF PRODUCTION OF THIS BUZZ LIGHTYEAR ACTION FIGURE? IN ADVANCE, THANK YOU SO MUCH… :smiley: [url]http://mla-s1-p.mlstatic.com/disney-parks-pixar-toy-story-buzz-lightyear-original-7678-MLA5263309589_102013-F.jpg[/url]

It looks like the same model as the previous Disney Store Buzzes:

I’m not sure the exact year but probably around 2012/2013 since it’s just the same model. But, that’s my two cents.

any other other toy story toys? this thread is very interesting