OWP's Non-Pixar Graphics Thread!

I was originally going to post these in my Non-Pixar Art thread, but I decided I might as well have two threads. So, 'k… don’t get too excited right now. I haven’t been making graphics much lately (evidenced by my Pixar Graphics thread), but I do have some stuff.
For this post, those long-promised WIR avatars. I know I know, you’re probably wondering why they took so long to make. Well, the week I said I’d start making them I had to help an relative of mine who was injured in a ski accident and wasn’t able to get back to my own computer for about… uh… a month. And once I did, I almost forgot about it. Anyway, the first three avatars (Vanellope, Felix, and Calhoun) are all awesome excerpts from my Art Of WIR book and are some of my fave character sketches in the book. I had one for Ralph as well, but the scan came out poorly and I’ll have to rescan the image some other time. I’ve made one for him with a screencap but I can’t put it up on this post. They’re all pretty simple, but I couldn’t decide what else to do with them. Remember, credit me if you decide to use them! More coming soon!

Well, as far as I know, every member is entitled to having separate artworks and graphics threads for non-Pixar fanwork!

I hope your relative gets well soon! I procrastinate for difficult operations too, like I don’t mind drawing, but it’s the scanning and touching up that’s a real pain in the neck! Anyway, better late than never!

I can’t wait for the Falph one, and if you have problems uploading the screencap one, lemme know, maybe I can give you some help. :slight_smile:

Anyway, great WIR graphics! Might use 'em one day. :wink:

Have some Etta James (Thumbs up if you know which trailer this song was used in!).

Finally got some more stuff up! I’m officially retiring my Elsa avatar, so now you guys have full rein to enjoy this one! I also have this old WIR avatar I meant to post a year ago for your enjoyment as well! So yeah… I now have a dA so I’ll hopefully be able to make more stuff more often :slight_smile: