Party Central (MU short)

It’s not been officially announced yet, but Pixarians Austin Madison and Chris Chua mentioned a MU short called “Party Central” in their podcast interview with Animation Fascination. Directed by Kelsey Mann, it’s currently planned to be included in the MU DVD/Blu-ray.

animationfascination.wordpress.c … n-madison/

What do you guys think?

Party Central? Wonder if that would take place before/after the events of M.U.?

Oh boy, why do I sense the Perry twins are up to something? I sure hope they got the disco ball fixed.

Oh yes, they’re going to start doing MU shorts!!! I love the premise and it sounds like it’ll be so much fun… but are they seriously going to make us wait until next year? I sure hope this doesn’t mean they won’t do an MU short for the DVD/Blu-Ray. Well, I know this’ll be the perfect addition to another excellent-looking Pixar film!

Ah, the short apparently was so loved that it warranted a theatrical release. The reaction I know of so far was that people was gushing about how awesome it was at the D23 Expo. I mean, Oozma Kappa exploit the door technology to steal an entire party. The jokes write itself.

Which also brings me some curiosity about the possible spoilers it would bring about a certain aspect of the ending of M.U.

I was originally a little disappointed that we wouldn’t get an original short, but I’ve really warmed up to the idea now and I’m super excited for it. I think the plot sounds hilarious!

This will probably be right up there in “Hawaiian Vacation”'s league!

Sounds like fun. :slight_smile: Is it a short about what’s going on back on campus once Mike & Sully left?

The premise is that Mike and Sully return to the Squibbles household to celebrate the first party of the Oozma Kappa household. But no one shows up because there are apparently two other frat parties (ROR and JOX) going on and they conspire instead to use the door-dimension technology to steal the parties.

So now that The Good Dinosaur has been postponed, will this be postponed too? I think it will be with Inside Out now since that’s supposed to be the next Pixar film. Maybe they would have put it with the Monsters University DVDs and Blu-Rays if they would have known that they would change up the release dates, but it’s probably too late for that now.

Well, I for one hope it gets aired on TV or another Disney movie, like with the Toy Story and Cars Toons, maybe? Then we wouldn’t have to wait two years! IDK, but here’s hoping…

Would the release date of the Good Dinosaur affect it? I had the understanding that it would be included with the Monsters U dvd/blu-ray, unless the Monsters U short was set to go out with the Good Dinosaur as well. But that doesnt sound right either.

Hey, guys some news about Party Central!! We’ll get to see it in just a few months! :mrgreen: … st-wanted/

YesYesYes!!! I’m so glad that this will be a Pixar-ful year after all! And I’ve already caught up on some Muppet movies so perhaps I won’t miss this one after that happened with Small Fry :slight_smile: …

First clip!

Can’t help but be excited for this one! There’s also a really great interview with Kelsey Mann over on Moviefone here: … lsey-mann/

Another update! Check out this awesomely awesome poster for it!

I saw this last night! I had to make a one-hour(round trip) drive to see it, and fork over $10.00, and before I go into detail about Party Central, I’ll advise anyone wanting to see it to find a theater that’s showing a matinee at reduced price, watch Party Central, and then get up and leave. Seriously, The Muppets Most Wanted was THAT bad, and I was a big fan of “The Muppet Show” and their first movie. When you have to resort to spoofing your previous material, it’s as bad as it gets, jumping the shark big-time. If you don’t want to go that route, then I’d suggest waiting until Party Central is available as a stand-alone on iTunes and download it.

Spoilers ahead, so don’t click if you don’t wanna know!

[spoil]First of all, to answer a question that I know some of you have had-Randall is NOT in this AT ALL. If there were any doubts that he was indeed kicked out of ROR following the Scare Games in MU, Party Central laid those doubts to rest. There is no sign of Randall whatsoever, not even in the background, and I’d go so far as to suggest that he probably left MU following that humiliation in the Scare Games, either transferring to another college or starting work immediately and working his way up through MI just like Sulley and Mike did. That is rather significant because it would have been Johnny who kicked him out, and Johnny has some Karma coming HIS way in Party Central.

Alright…the time line. This apparently takes place NOT at the end of final term that we see in MU, but the following fall semester, during Rush Week. Mike and Sulley have been working several months at MI in the mail room now. I was a bit surprised to learn this, considering that Johnny IS in the short, albeit for only about 5 seconds, given that he was a senior in MU and should have graduated, but then, he DOES state in his interview for the school paper that he was considering staying on another semester or so to earn his Masters degree. Apparently he did do just that. The short starts out at the annual ROR Rush party, where everyone is going buck-wild and there is literally girls dancing in tubs of beer outside. Yeah, it’s THAT kind of party. Apparently someone complained that the parties in MU were too tame by college standards, so Pixar really took some risks here and pushed that envelope. The soundtrack is AWESOME! If you are an old-skool Head-banger, you will LOVE the soundtrack! I WANT the soundtrack to Party Central! I couldn’t even catch who the bands were in the credits, though, but the music was so much more ROCK than in MU!

Anyway, it cuts from the ROR party to the OK house, where things are not so lively. That’s the clip we’ve all seen online, where Mike and Sulley show up with an illegal door station that they STOLE from Monsters, Inc.(and yet we’re supposed to still believe that Randall and Johnny are the “bad guys”?), and they set up a “door jam”, which basically involved going through the Human World to connect two points in the Monster World, in this case the OK house and the ROR house…ah, gotta love wormhole technology! Using that door station and “door jamming”, Sulley and Art take turns luring the party-goers over at the ROR house through the door on the ROR side, through the bedroom of that human couple(and no, they are not Boo’s parents as some have speculated, just a random couple), and into the OK house, where the beer and energy drinks are flowing, the music is pumping, and things are getting seriously wild. One by one, group by group, both the party guests AND the ROR’s themselves are lured over, including Chet, who apparently will go with anyone who has FOOD. If you feed Chet, you have his undivided loyalty, and of course Sulley, Art and now some of the former ROR party guests also steal all the food, which was a very impressive catered buffet spread that must have set Johnny back a few grand at least.

Things REALLY get interesting when Sheri Squibbles, who apparently has been away shopping and didn’t know that her son was throwing a party, walks in to see her son TWERKING on top of a coffee table, surrounded by more Red Solo Cups than I’ve seen at most NASCAR races, and slapping his butt! There are hundreds of people in her house and the place looks like a riot scene and sounds like a Motley Crue concert. Initially, she is shocked and yells at Scott about what DOES he think he’s doing…and then she realizes that there is a door station present. She figures out how all those party goers got there, and Sheri knows a thing or two about door jammin’! It is at this point that we learn that Sheri Squibbles walks a fine line between being the Coolest Mom Ever and being bat guano crazy. She grabs a loaded Scream canister, and climbs on TOP OF THE HOUSE, then releases the safety valve on it, points it at a pile of tree limbs and trash that has collected in the front yard, and sets off a huge explosion, setting fire to the debris while everyone goes crazy and the the Heavy Metal cranks up to 11! She uses another Scream Canister like a jet pack to fly in between doors.

Now, all this time, this poor human couple has had all these monsters trepsing through their room. The wife first accuses her husband of snoring and talking in his sleep, gets pretty angry when Percy Boleslaw, who is going through their room at the time after being told by Art that his girlfriend is fooling around with some other guy and is calling out the girl’s name LOUDLY as he runs through the room, making the wife think that her hubby is calling out the name of another woman in his sleep, lol. As the party on the OK side of the closet door gets rowdier and louder, the noises filter through, alarming the wife, who makes her husband get up to go check the closet. Just as he opens the door, that’s when Sheri sets off that explosion and fire, and what he sees looks like a vision from Dante’s Inferno: bizarre, demonic-looking creatures dancing in front of a backdrop of hellish flames! In terror, the couple grabs their pillows and things, and the short actually ends with them going into their kid’s room and, in a reversal of the normal roles, begging their little son to let them sleep with him because there are MONSTERS in their closet, to which the kid replies, “THAT’S what I’ve been trying to TELL YOU!” This was a party like the ones I remember from college! It is actually rated PG-13, folks, one step down from an “R” rating, and it really is THAT wild! I’m talking chicks dancing with each other in bathtubs full of beer here.

Anyway, back to what happens with Johnny. He’s been unseen all this time, presumably taking care of some other business, and after everyone has left the ROR house, he comes strutting in like a game show host, yelling, “LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED”, making a grand entrance…only he announces this to an empty building. He is literally the only one left in the place, though I guess that the OK’s would have managed to grab him, too, had he been present. Now, it’s just echoing silence, broken by the sound of a single Red Solo Cup falling off onto the floor, while Johnny stands there totally flummoxed, looking like some big dog somebody abandoned by the side of the road, looking smaller and smaller as the camera pans back to show how utterly alone he is in that huge room. Not only that, but at the OK house, HIS OWN FRAT MEMBERS LITERALLY DO ABANDON HIM; they actually all agree to pledge to OK and LEAVE ROR, basically giving Johnny a bitter taste of his own medicine, abandoning HIM when they find something better and he is no longer useful to THEM…just as HE abandoned and rejected someone else at the end of the previous school term. It showed clearly that all this time, Johnny had had followers, hangers-on, those who associated with him because of his family name and money and tough image, but that not ONE of them, not even fanboy Chet, actually gave a rat’s rectum about Johnny as a PERSON. He literally had NO ONE, and now the truth is revealed about just what everyone really thought about him. Now he’s got to explain to his dad and to the college board(you can’t have a fraternity with one member, after all, and frats have to pay to maintain their charter on campus) how he lost his entire fraternity, how everyone just up and left him, either that or he’s gonna have to suck up what tattered shreds of his pride are left and make his way over to the OK house and plead to be included in the fun and try to persuade the other ROR’s to come back. Like I said, I would really hate to be Johnny in this short, but I can’t say that he didn’t have it coming, either. That old female dog called Karma made her presence known for sure.[/spoil]


I was just about to make a thread for this short in the MI & MU board but I figured I’d check here first…and then I realized the double thread and moved my original post here :wink:

Just got a chance to see it the day it released (Friday March 21st). I can’t say much without spoiling anything (looks like pitbullady’s got that covered anyway lol) so I’ll just say it was awesome, and hilarious by the way! 8D

logs off for another 6+ months


Hey guys if you have Disney Movies Anywhere you can watch it now! And it is one of the most fun things ever XD It feels so good to be back with my fave monsters :3