Peach Magazine is looking for an Editor!

Hey guys!

As you probably can tell, we’re 2 years behind issues of Peach :stuck_out_tongue: Everyone wants the next issue but we just couldn’t keep the ball rolling! No longer, because Peach is coming out again soon bigger and better - but we need someone along the way to co-ordinate stuff!

I’m looking for a member who is willing to become the new Editor in Chief for Peach Magazine. I will be dropping down as the editor and becoming Executive Editor & Lead Designer. (I’ll still be heading the project.)

The prerequisites are for this position:

  • You have been a Pixar Planet member for more than 7 months.
  • You have had a good standing order with the Pixar Planet Staff in terms of forum behaviour and conduct.
  • You have excellent spelling & grammar skills.
  • You have good organisational skills.
  • You work well with other Pixar Planet members.
  • You will promise to commit to this position.

If you’re interested, please PM me ASAP or email phileas


– Phileas

I would so take this project on but my summer is full already and i doubt i would have time to help…My fall looks better…i will wait and see if you still need help by then.


Spelling and Grammar are in the job description of a teacher.
Course has just finished so I am looking for something to take up my time… I know I haven’t been around much lately however I do believe most members would have no problems with my incognito status as they themselves undertake study, and understand that getting a BA/Ed in Primary Education with QTS meant small sacrifices had to be made.

I’m interested, that is if no one else has already taken the position, which seems to be the way my life is at the moment!