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Check it out on the Peach website:

That’s right! The highly anticipated Pixar fan publication has a new issue out! This is a Christmas gift to Pixar Planet users!
In this issue:

  • We talk about Toy Story 3
  • Mygames19 talks about his fangame
  • Ffdude discusses Up and how it’s changed his life
    - All new Fanwork Section - This issue’s featured artists: Mitch & VIolet Parr
  • The Incredibles fanfiction by Al-Bob
  • Fun & Games: The A113 Challenge

And, as always, the latest and best Pixar news from Upcoming Pixar is republished in Municberg Reporter.

Check it out on the Peach website:

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Wall-E Fangame (Mygames19), Page 10 … age11.html

About the mailing list: Those who signed up in 42 Wallaby Way will be recieving an email as per to the subscription.
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To download, please visit the seperate Issuu viewer and press Download on the top part of the viewer.

Whole new look. Loads of new content. Now located at a new home.

Many of you may remember my experiment project called 42 Wallaby Way, which ran the first and only Pixar fan publication, Peach. It ran for a couple of issues, then, due to a myriad of reasons, was put on hiatus for many months.

Now, Peach is back, and, to make it even better, it is now Pixar Planet’s online publication! That’s right, Pixar Planet is the new home of Peach. It’s with a whole new look, with loads more content, with a new, feature-packed section dedicated to fanart!

Peach is an online publication that is published monthly on PDF and online (with Flash). It’s free and yours to keep. It is full of Pixar-related articles and content, contributed by Pixar fans like you.

I’m kindly asking for contributions to help add to the relaunch with the next issue (November). Contributions could be a myriad of Pixar-related items, such as:

  • Featured Articles (most needed, 1 to 2 pages)
  • Fanart (simply choose which ones are allowed to be republished)
  • Interviews
  • Fanfiction
  • Other Fandom items that can be republished
  • Pixar News Articles
  • Product Reviews (Pixar movies, merchandising, etc)
  • Letters to the Magazine

Any contributions will be much appreciated. Please feel free to PM the contributions, or, if you have any more questions, please also give me a holler.

Oh, wow, this is quite the partnership! I’m pleased to see Peach back up and running, and it sounds better than ever! How exciting! And great work, Phileas, for sorting all of this out! This is definitely going to be a useful branch of Pixar Planet, and the publication looks great. I also love how Pixar fans can contribute, and I’m looking forward to seeing the first, new and improved issue of Peach! :smiley:

Now that is awesometown! This is going to be a great partnership for both Pixar Planet and Peach, I can feel it. I admit I haven’t ever read the past issues of Peach, I’ll have to get onto that… I really want to contribute a piece from the suggestions list there, but there’s only a week to get it in. I’ll have to get cracking!

Good luck with the mag, Phileas, and thanks for the heads-up! :smiley:

Wow, what a momentous occassion! I’m sure both parties will reap many benefits from this affiliation. I’ve always admired your ‘professional aesthetical look’ Phileas, and I believed I had a look at your first issue many moons ago, and loved it! And now to be a part of the forum and site is another great chapter for the history books!

I can’t wait for the inaugural ‘Pixar Planet-endorsed’ issue! Gotta send my stuff in…

Oh boy, this is so exciting! claps hands

I’d like to thank all those who have contributed as of present! We might have enough for one issue and a bit already! But, still, contributions are still welcome.

Due to the forums downtime, the deadline has been extended to Sunday the 18th. It will be your last chance to get your works in the inaugural relaunch issue! Check the first post for information on what you can contribute.

Being that Peach is now a branch of Pixar Planet, will that mean people who subscribed to Peach back on 42 Wallaby Way are still subscribed, or will they have to resubscribe? Just need to know if I have to do so again. XD

I’m relieved to hear the deadline has been extended! Thought I’d missed my chance then. Whew!

Oh wow! I’ve never heard of this magazine. I thought about making a video on Youtube advertising Pixar Planet, but when I was watching the new Toy Story 3 trailer on YT
(here it si by the way
There was a comment that said:
“What?! Pixar sucks,man! And they are gonna ruin there only good movie with this bullsh…” And I don’t want trolls invading and ruining this friendly forum.
(this forum for 9 is nice
So I won’t. But anyways,nice!

Aw, rats! I missed the deadline on my birthday! :frowning:

Oh well, there’s always next issue… can’t wait to see what you guys have to show! And I can’t wait for the inaugural issue! :smiley:

I vaguely recall seeing something about this somewhere, but I why I didnt comment on it till now is beyond me. Anyway, it looks good to me! I’ll have to remember to check it out.

Wow. You really put a lot of work into this! If this was a tangible magazine I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it and/or subscribe to it. Thank you very much for putting your precious time and effort into seeing this project to fruition. It looks absolutely wonderful. Keep up the fantastic work!! :smiley:

By the way, thank you very much for featuring us aspiring artists. :wink:

– Mitch