Petition to give Newt a theme

So, as we all know, Newt was cancelled. A lot of people were looking forward to it to. But it got cancelled due to being similer to Rio. As It won’t get it’s own board, reviews and stuff like that. But I think she should still give it something. I think that Newt should have it’s own theme. It can be a trubute to the film that never was. There were no known CGI images but we can use the concept art. Are maybe some of all talented artist and work some of there magic. As I said, a lot of members were looking forward to this movie and were disaponited when it was cancelled. I’m sure some of the members here wanted to have a theme for it. Just because the film is cancelled dosen’t mean it can’t have a theme. So let’s give the film some love as a little tribute to it. After Brave, there won’t be a new theme untill the Dinosaur film unless Monster’a Inc got an update. But would you like a theme in between that or before? If you do, just post here that you do.

Here’s members who would currently like one

Spirit Of Adventure
Shooting Star

Let’s have that list grow.

Sounds cool to me. As a tribute for the project and a neat looking theme.

I’d love it. I don’t want to be a burden to the mods, though :laughing:

It would be cool to have one.

I added you guys to the list.

Feel free to add me to the list.

You can add me to the list!

I also threw together a quick mock-up of what the film-inspired Pixar Planet logo could look like! An ‘r’ wasn’t the best spot to put the newt but I figured it was on the last letter on the actual film logo so it should be on the last letter on this one as well. 8D

^ Looks Good!

And you can add me to the list Pixarfan91 :slight_smile:

Added you guys.

Try to spread the word about this so other members can know about this.

That mockup is gorgeous Draik :smiley:

You can add me to the list.

Has anyone been spreading the word? Onw thing that would be cool to get on the list is more mods. Even though we still may not get a theme, getting mods on the list will give us a better chance.

My brother said that he might join it soon.

Hoply he does. The more members the better.

You can add me to the list. I would like to have a Newt theme.

Sweet Draik! Me gusta.