Phileas' Awesome Requests Thread

Since you guys apparently like my graphics (or are you guys just saying that to be nice?), this thread is now open for any signature & avatar requests.

Prerequisite is simple: You need to be “active” on the PP forums, and that will be judged with a unmentioned post count requirement. Don’t worry, if you go on PP enough to be noticed, you’ll meet the prerequisite. :slight_smile:

Anyways, simply just post what your graphics idea is, give a link the relevant images where possible, and I’ll try my best to make them.

Also, any graphics that you see I wear or any other graphics that I made is completely customizable for you on request.

To protect my work, I use a 35% opaque 14 pt text watermark for any completed requests. In order to help out PP :wink:, donators will get their graphics without a watermark.

Request away guys!

Sweet! :smiley:

Truly awesome, indeed! :sunglasses: Believe me when I say you’re the best in the business! There’s something very ‘polished’ about your sigs I can’t put my finger on. Anyhoo, I expect you’ll be getting requests pretty soon!

Good idea to encourage funding of the site, too!

Great idea, Phileas! You truly are one of the best graphic creators here, and your signatures are so professional and clean-looking. I don’t exactly have any requests at the moment, but if I do, I’ll be sure to ask you. That’s a very nice offer of you to make. =)