Pictures on the staircase

I recall hearing an interview with Alice Davis (wife of Marc Davis, one of Walt’s “Nine Old Men”), about how Pete Docter and others from Pixar spoke with her about her ‘life story’ for inspiration about the Fredricksens (she is listed accordingly at the end of the credits).

She went on to say that one of the animators pointed out that one (or more?) of the pictures on the wall in the electric chair/staircase scene were influenced from that Pixar visit (they also toured the studio of the late Marc Davis).

Can anyone advise if this is accurate? If so, what picture(s) on the wall might it be?

One thing I enjoy about animation is that every little thing you see is from somewhere. Someone choose for a wall to be a certain color, someone choose to put in object to be on the left of the screen as oppossed to the right.

This is why animated movies and shows are rich with inside jokes, and I wouldn’t be suprised if this story is true.