Yes, I have it printed in my house :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice about the holidays. I really have a bad tendence to oversaturate my stuff, so I forced myself to simplify this one down. The font in the holidays is a result of that. In fact , the only different font is in february, where I used the actual Pixar font for the “Pixar foundation”.

Anyway, if you are intrested in having this calendar with any special requirement (different images, font, or something you want), you can write me and I’ll send you the pages in an even bigger resolution than in Photobucket.

Sorry for my english.

Laugh out loud… you can recognise the font! I’m a huge fan of Century Gothic myself… Eurostile is pretty elegant too. :slight_smile:

Great work, Spirit of Adventure! Very professional… dunno whether this has been asked before, but what program did you use to make this?

Photoshop. Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

Now June. I’m not sure what to think of this one. It’s not my favorite.

I have to tell you that April and May are my favorites just need to put September for Walle,spirit of aventure many thanks for putting the calendar

These are awesome! And I think June looks great. My only issue would be to add more holidays on the calendar. I love the designs though! :smiley:

Wow! Your work is great. I will be looking forward to seeing each month next.

Thanks for all your support.

Yes, I know I haven’t as many holidays as needed. I suppose it’s because I’m from another country and I tried to put only the more international holidays.

But if you wan’t something different, you can tell me what holidays you need and I can send you the modified pages.

Here’s July:

The Cars logo was really difficult to imitate. I know I haven’t nailed it yet.

Wow, very nice! I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a calendar that looks like this! Keep it up! I love it! Especially the Incredibles one.

Well, you now have it for free 8D


These are really awesome. I love all the little touches :slight_smile: Wonderful stuff.

Now I wish I had a good printer :confused:

Keep it up!

Wow you have a great talent at photoshop! So we can print these out and use them? I have access to a lamentaor, so i will totally do that! Will one of the months be WALL-E?

I like how much detail you put into them, it’s not just a picture with plain white dates, I love how the Ratatouille one has little pots and the Finding Nemo are fish. Really great! My absolute favorite one is the February one! I laughed out loud! Hahhah great picture.

The Ratatouille one is so great! What a wonderful screenshot you chose, and I agree that the little pots look awsome.

I was just browsing, and…ALL THE MONTHS ARE SUPER AWESOME AMAZING!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m especially waiting for September…I want to see what picture you used.

BTW, what’s the font for “May”?

Thank you for all the good comments :slight_smile:

Yes, ellie-jessie-eve, you can print it. And yes, I’m posting the WALL·E one.

JustSoWall-eCrazy, it’s the font from Finding Nemo. If you want it, you can add my e-mail to messenger and I’ll give it to you.

Here’s September:

I think this one could have been great, if it wasn’t for the image I picked for the days. Green doens’t look good at all with black, but I couldn’t think of anything else :`-(

I see there are a lot of WALL·E fans in this board, and I know I didn’t justice to this movie. So, if any of you can think of a better image, tell me and I’ll give it to you.

I think it is absolutely gorgeous! Stop getting down on yourself Spirit! I actually really like the green on the black, so don’t worry about that.

Considering all the Wall-E fans, maybe you’ll just jave to make a whole year of Wall-E calander. If that doesn’t work, maybe consider an image with Eve and Wal-E? That might add to the cuteness factor!\

But really, I very much enjoyed this latest month.

Ah, man, this is freaking awesome :smiley: ! I love it, especially since The Incredibles falls on my birth month :wink: :smiley: ! They’re all beautiful! Keep it up! I’m saving this so I can print it out for next year!

P.S. I think the green looks great :wink: .

P.S.S. Where’d ya get The Incredibles font :stuck_out_tongue: ?

I don’t really know where you can get any of these fonts, because they were the result of a long search. So if any of you want a font, I can give you via messenger :slight_smile:

And thanks for all the support from all of you. Up is coming Up soon.

As a WALL-E fan, I think it’s a great image. ANY image of WALL-E you would of used on the calender, I would think is amazing!

I feel the same I love this calendar sheet and over in September is my birthday, and as a fan of Wall-e say that the image is very nice