I’ll upload the pages of a Pixar Calendar I’ve made. You’re all free to use it. It’s for 2011.

Sadly, I’m new in this forum and I don’t know anyway of upload the images without the loosing quality. Any help will be welcome.

Some image hosting sites you could use:

Thanks. I thougt maybe there was any form of direct upload, but I’ll use a image hosteing site, then.

Here’s a preview of the first month:

Oh my goodness that is so cool! What program are you using to make this?

Nothing too fancy. Just Photoshop. I’ll upload the rest anytime soon.

Dude, that really does look incredibly cool! I can’t wait to see the rest.

I would love to have that calander! :smiley:
Great job there mate!.
I hope these sell like online or instores.

Ok, so you liked it, and I rushed, and now we have February.


I love the colors in this one. It’s one of my favorites. Stay tuned for the rest.

February looks AWESOME!!!

Thanks, Wall-eCrazy :smiley: I see you are an artist yourself.

Great work! Can’t wait for October, my birthday month!

OMG!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
That really looks good!.
I wonder what its going to be for March!
What are you going to do about december?
January:Toy Story
Febuary:A Bugs life
March:Toy Story 2
April:Monsters Inc
May:Finding Nemo
June: The Incredibles
September:Wall-e (My B-Day!)
November:Toy Story 3
We don’t have any Pictures of Cars 2,Brave or Monsters Inc 2
Maybe you can put all the Main Characters into one Picture or put some Pixar Artists???

I can’t wait to see the Incredibles one! It looks really incredible! keep it up.

Don’t worry, gleefan 1, I have the 12 months. I made these a long time ago, but I figured it out.

Here’s the March preview:

I really didn’t know a good background for this one, so I was inspired by the Blu-ray cover, like in the first one.

Is nice The schedule certainly an artist Spirit of Adventure is very Nice

Thanks! When I finish these uploads, I’ll be open to commissions :slight_smile:

So far so good! Those look very cool. The colors and graphics are perfect for the movie picture that’s being shown.

Now I give you… April.


Here’s May:

I like the texture in this one. Opinions?

Oh, this is great stuff, Spirit of Adventure! I really like the integration of the themes of the movies with the screenshots. It’s really nice. :slight_smile:

One little tidbit I have - in my very, very humble opinion, the font that you use for “significant events” i.e. public holidays, which I can see it’s Arial (as opposed to Helvetica), is really turning me off. Maybe in the future you could use something more… appealing? Thanks. :wink:

But, hey, this is great stuff - you should totally get this printed off! :smiley: