Pixar Canada Shorts?

As you’re all probably aware, the Lamp’s satellite studio, Pixar Canada, recetly opened in Vancouver. You might also be aware that they’ll exclusively focus on making content based on their “legacy characters” (AKA characters from past films) for TV, online and theme park distribution – mainly shorts.

We know right now that Pixar Canada will initially focus on producing Cars Toons and the rumored Toy Story Toons, but there’s so much potential in what we’ll see. Here’s a preview of the upcoming Cars Toons, Aviator Mater: pixarplanet.com/blog/woodys-news-round-up-042310

So the question is: What films or specific characters do you want to see explored in Pixar Canada projects?

I would love a sort of pre-Monsters, Inc. series, showing the day-to-day life of Scarers and the stuff that happens at their workplace, and featuring all the characters we know from the film.

lizardgirl- I’m almost 100% sure we’ll see some Monsters, Inc. stuff around pre-release of the sequel. As for pre-MI, I don’t know, but that sounds super cool!!

I agree with you, bring on Monstropolis, I’ve been looking forward to something like that since… Mike’s New Car! When the Monsters, Inc. Blu-ray was announced I was hoping they’d put some bonus MI short in there, but this more than makes up for it!

I’m still hoping for A Bug’s Life since it’s been listed on their website, simply because Pixar has not used those characters for quite a long time. To be honest though, I’ve gotten so caught up now with all the hype for Toy Story 3 that I haven’t been watching A Bug’s Life (or most of the other Pixar films for that matter).

Flik-E- Yeah, me too! Same as with Monsters, Inc. when they announced the A Bug’s Life Blu-ray I got hopeful for new ABL material. “The First Draft” was really cool, but I wanted to see some new adventures. I even have a rough draft of my own idea which I think is perfect. Anyway, it’s not a short, but they’ll be bringing back Heimlich soon! Here’s how: pixarplanet.com/blog/snazzy-pixa … d-of-color

I’m sure they’re going to have new Monsters Inc. shorts now that they’ve announced Monsters Inc. 2. I would also love to see those Toy Story Toons cause I know that they’re going to be more up to date with the sequels.

Alright, more Cars toons! Ha, maybe there should have a spin-off film called “There’s Something About Mater”. Brings up riot shield

Haha, maybe it was a ‘preemptive revelation’ by Pixar? They didn’t confiscate the cameras before the reveal, after all. :laughing:

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind more Cars Toons, but can we shift the focus from Mater on to the other characters now? He’s (road)hogging the limelight.

I also would like some Wall-E shorts, probably before the events of the movie like in the Boom! comics.

I’m sure a few Incredibles fans would love to see the further adventures of the Parr family, and with Monsters Inc 2 in the works, what the monsters of Monstropolis have been up to.

I agree 100% with that statement. On-topic, I think the Toy Story Toons that were hinted at will be Pixar Canada’s first big thing. They’ll probably be making the DVD-exclusive shorts everyone loves also.

I think I read in an interview that Pixar was thinking of making shorts starring Guido and Luigi. Not sure if that was a joke or not, but who knows. Maybe we’ll see some of that one day.

The DVD exclusives are so great. Do you think they’d take them away from the main studio? They are a big deal, so it might be a little strange.

It would be great to see…

Flik’s Flix
Sulley Symphonies
Little Chef’s Specials
MERR-E Melodies
Toon Balloons

In other words, any and all are welcome! Specifically, though, BURN-E starring in “It’s AXIOMatic!” would be quite a treat.

Well, I have some ideas… :smiling_imp:

I’d like to see that. I don’t know what it’d be like, but I’m interested.

Heehee, I like how you added that devil smily Virginia, what’s some of your ‘evil’ ideas? :smiling_imp:

Some Bob/Helen pre/post marital shorts. Just to see how the family progressed. <3 I’m a very obsessed, very weird kid. :-D)

Not exactly a “legacy character”, but . . .

. . . make it happen, Pixar Canada. Luxo Jr. would be amazing. :`-(

That would be cool. And I love that picture! That would make an awesome sig!

I’m not sure what else they could do with Luxo Jr. though, but then again that doesn’t mean they couldn’t do something else.

No real new info about upcoming shorts here, but still an interesting glimpse into things at Pixar Canada:

wearemoviegeeks.com/2011/11/wamg … ar-canada/

I love the feel of Pixar Canada, look like such a fun place to work at.

So far, I like “Air Mater”, “Small Fry”, and “Time Travel Mater”. Pixar Canada shorts are fun, but I kind of hope there won’t only be Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales and Toy Story Toons. I mean, after a while, wouldn’t it make a little more sense to make shorts for the films that can’t really sustain another full-length feature? I’d like to see some a bug’s toons, Monsters, Toons, Ratatoons, etc. Other than that, I like the ideas for shorts you all would like to see.